Managerial Planning - Abstracts

Managerial Planning
A Comparison of Modeling Practices in Domestic and Foreign Firms.Business, generalBrightman, H.J., Harris, S.E.
A Planning Process for Hospitals and Service Organizations.Business, generalO'Donnell, J.
Auditing the Planning Process.Business, generalKelley, C.A.
Commercial Bank Forecasting: What Is the Economist's Role?Business, generalGiroux, G.A.
Critical Success Factors for Multinational Information Resource Management Planning and Administration.Business, generalSelig, G.J.
Decision Making, Management Science Techniques and the Corporate Controller.Business, generalMorgan, R.G., Cerullo, M.J.
Developing an Effective Environmental Assessment Function.Business, generalMesch, A.H.
Financial Forecast: Why & How?Business, generalSinghvi, S.S.
Income Recognition on Long-Term Investments: The Controllability Criterion.Business, generalRatcliffe, T.A., Munter, P.
Job Evaluation Systems Fail to Meet Current Needs.Business, generalSmith, M.J.
LIFO Inventory Liquidation: A Key Planning Decision.Business, generalMadden, D.L., Cottell, P.G.
Planning: Strategic, Human Resources and Employment: An Integrated Approach.Business, generalKaufman, D.J.Jr.
Planning Strategies for the Coming Prosperity.Business, generalSufrin, S.C.
Professionally Plan Your Career.Business, generalHerring, J.J.Jr.
Six Step Method to Long Range Planning for Nonprofit Organizations.Business, generalBrady, T.S.
Status of Corporate Planning Models.Business, generalPappas, R.A., Remer, D.S.
Strategic Information: The Key to Effective Planning.Business, generalRhyne, L.C.
Strategic Planning at Crown Life.Business, generalBandeen, R.A.
Strategic Planning Practices of Investor-Owned Electric Utilities.Business, generalSekiguchi, H.S., Storey, S.I.
Successful Planning in the Management Information Maze.Business, generalBelohlav, J.A., Raho, L.E.
Technical Innovation: Is It Part of Your Strategic Planning Process?Business, generalWhite, B.D.
The Corporate Planning & Development Function in a Smaller, Less Developed Company.Business, generalPark.J.C.
The Decision Pyramid: A Management Concept.Business, generalGendron, M.P.
The Growing Phenomenon of Corporate Takeovers: How Target Companies Can Defend Themselves.Business, generalFatehi-Sedeh, K., Shin, B.G.
The Interrelationship of Planning with Corporate Culture in the Creation of Shared Values.Business, generalDonnelly, R.M.
The Missing 'H' in Strategic Planning.Business, generalMetz, E.J.
The Strategic Management Process: A Model and Terminology.Business, generalByars, L.L.
When Are Financial and Operational Plans Finished?Business, generalJohnson, N.P.
Why Computerized Financial Reporting and Consolidation Systems?Business, generalRadhakrishnan, K.S., Soenen, L.A.
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