Modern Age 1993 - Abstracts

Modern Age 1993
A conscript in the desert, half a century ago. (memoir)Political scienceKirk, Russell
An ordinary parochial school - in the 1920s: a memoir.Political scienceHovey, Richard B.
Capitalism and the moral basis of social order.Political scienceKirk, Russel
Czeslaw Milosz and the way through. (essay on Polish poet's 'Beginning with My Streets: Essays and Recollections')Political sciencePanichas, George A.
Enlightenment to ideology: the apotheosis of history, part two.Political scienceNiemeyer, Gerthart
Frank H. Knight: archetypical conservative economist.Political scienceKern, William S.
Hegel and the classical philosophy. (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)Political scienceBishirjian, Richard J.
Hilaire Belloc and the French Revolution.Political scienceMcCarthy, John P.
Prague then and now.Political scienceWatson, Bradley C.S.
Public schools and the gnostic impulse.Political scienceHarden, G. Daniel
Reassessing the modern era. (analysis of 'The Malaise of Modernity' by Charles Taylor)Political sciencePoirier, Maben Walter
Ruskin's 'Unto This Last' (1862): a reconsideration.Political scienceOsborne, John W.
The consistency of Irving Babbitt. (part 2)Political scienceHindus, Milton
The consistency of Irving Babbitt, part one.Political scienceHindus, Milton
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