Near Eastern Archaeology - Abstracts

Near Eastern Archaeology
A current Late Roman site in Nea Paphos, Cyprus.Regional focus/area studiesRowe, Andrea H.
A late Bronze to Early Iron Age tomb at Sahem, Jordan.Regional focus/area studiesFischer, Peter M.
An early church perhaps the oldest in the world, found at Aqaba.(Jordan)Regional focus/area studiesParker, S. Thomas, Cline, Eric H.
An second lead figurine from Tel Ein Zippori.Regional focus/area studiesMeyers, Carol, Dessel, J.P.
Caught in the Net: electronic opportunities in archaeology.(highlights of a tour of Greece)Regional focus/area studiesYounger, John
Electronic opportunities in archaeology.(Column)Regional focus/area studiesYounger, John
From plant domestication to phytolith interpretation: the history of paleoethnobotany in the Near East.(includes related articles on definition of phytoliths)Regional focus/area studiesWarnock, Peter
Hydraulic and fishing installations at Tel Tanninim.Regional focus/area studiesStieglitz, Robert R.
Indiana Zorn and the Web site of Tell en-Nasbeh.Regional focus/area studiesZorn, Jeffrey R.
"Nuzi and the Hurrians: Fragments from a Forgotten Past": a slice of Mesopotamian life in the Fourteenth Century BCE.Regional focus/area studiesGreene, Joseph A.
Rough Cilicia Regional Archaeological Survey Project.Regional focus/area studiesRauh, Nicholas K.
Survey of the hinterland of Sinop, Turkey.Regional focus/area studiesDoonan, O.
The Neolithic period: triumphs of architecture, agriculture, and art.(includes related article on terminologies)Regional focus/area studiesBanning, E.B.
What's in a name? The Epipalaeolithic, the Aceramic and the Early Neolithic on the territory of Sagalassos (Pisidia, Turkey).Regional focus/area studiesVanhaverbeke, H., Vermeersch, P.M., Waelkens, M.
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