Nursing Homes Long Term Care Management - Abstracts

Nursing Homes Long Term Care Management
Alzheimer's disease: the new epidemic.Health care industryHamilton, Harold L.
Animal facilitated therapy in nursing homes.Health care industryWright, Phyllis, Dribben-Gutman, Betsy
Child care centers in long term care facilities.Health care industrySugarman, Joan G., Brown, Patricia
Drug holidays: a vacation from medications.Health care industryMorrow-Winn, Gloria, Wooldridge, R.E.
Facility financing for nursing homes.Health care industryPomeranz, Bill, Berger, Bill
Formal training program for nurses aides.Health care industryBuzzelli-Gibbons, Kathy
Freeing the family: care in the future.Health care industryHinton, M'liss McCuskey
Getting back to the 'here and now': a look at reality orientation.Health care industryParker, Susan G.
Improving personal effectiveness through better management of time.Health care industryNorville, Jerry L.
Independence through security and support.Health care industryHaynie, William E.
Marketing the nursing home.Health care industryJohnson, Myra
Oral care for institutionalized geriatric patients.Health care industryPetersen, Marie, McCauley, Judith
Patient comfort and staff facilitation.Health care industryDriver, Jacqueline, Pennell, Lillian
Professionalism: a commitment to excellence.Health care industryMoon, Dorothy Jones
Quality of life.Health care industryChamberlain, Sarah
Quest for quality: its time has come!Health care industryTrocchio, Julie
Springboards of communications.Health care industryArnott, Anna Louise
The eternal triangle.Health care industryHirsh, Harold L.
The importance of the physical environment.Health care industryHiatt, Lorraine G.
They make our day. (Boy Scouts service in a convalescent hospital)Health care industryGray, Robert
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