Nutrition & Dietetics: The Journal of the Dietitians Association of Australia - Abstracts

Nutrition & Dietetics: The Journal of the Dietitians Association of Australia
Adelaide healthy food basket: a survey on food cost, availability and affordability in five local government areas in metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.HealthTsang, Alfonso, Ndung'U, Margaret W., Coveney, John, O'Dwyer, Lisel
Choosing breakfast: how well does packet information on Australian breakfast cereals, bars and drinks reflect recommendations?(Clinical report)HealthWalker, Karen, Woods, Julie
Health claims for food made in Australian magazine advertisements.(Clinical report)HealthWilliams, Peter, Tapsell, Linda, Jones, Sandra
In search of a method to assess the availability, quality and price of vegetables and fruit.(Survey)HealthHerzfeld, Miriam, Mcmanus, Alexandra
Lack of nutritional equivalence in the 'meats and alternatives' group of the Australian guide to healthy eating.(Clinical report)HealthShrapnel, Bill, Baghurst, Katrine
Lynly Sheila Aitken, AM, 3 December 1915-28 June 2006.(Obituary)HealthWood, Beverley
Monitoring consumption of 'extra' foods in the Australian diet: comparing two sets of criteria for classifying foods as 'extras'.(Survey)HealthGill, Tim, Rangan, Anna, Hector, Debra, Randall, Deborah, Webb, Karen
Nutrition knowledge and attitudes of New Zealand registered midwives.(Survey)HealthGreen, Tim, Elias, Sandra
Over- and underreporting of energy intake by patients with metabolic syndrome using an automated dietary assessment website.(DietAdvice website)HealthTapsell, Linda, Probst, Yasmine
Postprandial hypotension in older Australians: relationship to glycaemia and habitual food intake.HealthSivakumar, Pushparani, Soares, Mario
Shifts in purchasing patterns of non-alcoholic, water-based beverages in Australia, 1997-2006.(Survey)HealthTapsell, Linda, Levy, Gina
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