Personnel Administrator - Abstracts

Personnel Administrator
Avoid the 'quick fix' approach to productivity problems: personnel executives must pursue the team approach to improving productivity.Human resources and labor relationsHinrichs, John R.
Building a consensus on the child care problem.Human resources and labor relationsImmerwahr, John
Change will prove beneficial only if tomorrow's leadership can ameliorate the tensions.Human resources and labor relationsZaleznik, Abraham
Curing personnel department "technemia": substitute computer techniques for obsolete systems and save money.Human resources and labor relationsMeyer, Gary
Curriculum design in training: an overview: a guide to understanding the leading theories of learning.Human resources and labor relationsRothwell, William J.
Managing the older worker: personnel policy implications from a survey of ASPA members.Human resources and labor relationsBeutell, Nicholas J.
Miles Laboratories Inc. creates a job posting program.Human resources and labor relationsCummins, Robert B.
Rewarding employees for not using sick leave.Human resources and labor relationsHarvey, Barron H., Schultze, Judy A., Rogers, Jerome F.
The implications of genetic testing: how to use this management tool ethically and within the law.Human resources and labor relationsOlian, Judy D., Snyder, Tom C.
The role relocation plays in management planning.Human resources and labor relationsMoore, John M.
The Weingarten case sets precedent for co-employee representation.Human resources and labor relationsIsrael, Dave
Work force planning and corporate strategy.Human resources and labor relationsDeSanto, John F.
Worksite health promotion can be cost-effective.Human resources and labor relationsBrennan, Andrew J.J.
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