Product Marketing - Abstracts

Product Marketing
'80 cosmetics ad support tops $750 million.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Autumn '82 faces contrast natural eyes, bright lips.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFine, Phyllis
Classic, designer-name fragrances brighten retailers' yule season.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPopovich, Elizabeth
Consumer expenditure study. (health and beauty aids)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Consumer studies report habits of eight major market segments. (in cosmetic, fragrance, skin and hair care products)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Cosmetic & fragrance price directory. (vol. 3)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFine, Phyllis
Cosmetics makers explore underdeveloped Black market.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDeAngelis, Clare
Doing what comes naturally attracts the consumer. (in the cosmetic and toiletries sections)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Expansion of natural lines draws attention to claims.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Fall '81 cosmetic color story takes on a conservative theme.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFinkel, Mimi
Fast-growing ethnic market nears $5 billion annual sales. (cosmetic and toilet industries)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Hair care item makers develop finely-tuned product positionings.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLebowitz, Glenn
Hair-care sales up 18.2%; black lines top $400 million.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur M.
How to put more 'operative' in industry co-op advertising.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Marketers continue commitment to men's grooming segment.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Marketers meet demand for nail treatment products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFine, Phyllis
Marketers: treatment future rests on long-term commitment. (cosmetics industry)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Men's fragrance sales on upswing.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLebowitz, Glenn
Narrowcasting can broaden TV marketing effectiveness. (for cosmetics and toiletry manufacturers)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
New sun-care items do more than promote a healthy tan.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDePoto, Tom
Positioning, sampling, price determine best-selling scents.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDeAngelis, Clare
Private label: a meaningful addition to retailing scene.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Retailers call for limited SKUs, reduced treatment prices. (skin care)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDeAngelis, Clare
Rose, apricot palettes color spring '82 cosmetics lines.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFine, Phyllis
Scent industry 'running hard' to maintain sales level.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Show-biz promotional approach helps draw consumers, dollars.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPopovich, Elizabeth
Special report: primary packaging taking 'stock' of decorating alternatives.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFine, Phyllis
Suppliers help tap men's market suggest sampling, advertising. (perfume industry)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
The 25-34 market. (survey by Redbook magazine on beauty products)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
The 'right' product packaging maximizes advertising clout. (perfumes industry)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
Underestimated senior market holds undiscovered potential. (for cosmetics and toiletries industries)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeil, Arthur W.
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