Psychological Assessment 1996 - Abstracts

Psychological Assessment 1996
Accuracy of adult recollections of childhood victimization: part 1. childhood physical abuse.Psychology and mental healthWidom, Cathy Spatz, Shepard, Robin L.
An examination of the construct validity of coping dispositions for a sample of recently divorced mothers.Psychology and mental healthSandler, Irwin N., Zautra, Alex J., Sheets, Virgil L.
Assessing children's states of mind: a multitrait, multimethod study.Psychology and mental healthDaleiden, Eric L., Vasey, Michael W., Williams, Laural L.
Assessment of childhood social phobia: construct, convergent, and discriminative validity of the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory for Children (SPAI-C).Psychology and mental healthTurner, Samuel M., Beidel, Deborah C., Fink, Christine M.
Assessment of posttraumatic stress disorder in World War II veterans.Psychology and mental healthEngdahl, Brian E., Eberly, Raina E., Blake, Julee D.
Assessment of PTSD and other mental disorders in World War II and Korean conflict POW survivors and combat veterans.(posttraumatic stress disorder)Psychology and mental healthSutker, Patricia B., Allain, Albert N., Jr.
A strategy for assessing family interaction patterns in schizophrenia.Psychology and mental healthBellack, Alan S., Haas, Gretchen L., Tierney, Ann M.
Cluster subtypes in the WISC-III standardization sample: analysis of factor index scores.(Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)Psychology and mental healthDonders, Jacques
Comparison of the WAIS with its mainland Chinese version: comment on Ryan, Dai, and Paolo (1992).(response to J.J. Ryan, X. Dai, and A.N. Paolo, Psychological Assessment, vol. 4, p. 60, 1992)Psychology and mental healthLi, Weiming, Balfour, Louise
Compensation seeking, comorbidity, and apparent exaggeration of PTSD symptoms among Vietnam combat veterans.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Daniel W., Frueh, B. Christopher
Composite SAS of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, Fourth Edition: is it determined by only one area SAS?(Standard Age Score)Psychology and mental healthSpruill, Jean
Concurrent validity of a WAIS-R seven-subtest short form in patients with brain impairment.(Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test-Revised)Psychology and mental healthIverson, Grant L., Myers, Bill, Bengtson, Michelle L., Adams, Russell L.
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale in patients with Alzheimer's disease.Psychology and mental healthSalthouse, Timothy A., Woodard, John L., Godsall, Robert E., Green, Robert C.
Construct refinement and confirmation for the Addiction Severity Index.Psychology and mental healthMcKay, James R., Alterman, Arthur I., Brown, Lawrence, Zaballero, Arturo, McDermott, Paul A., Snider, Edward C.
Construct validity of the Rorschach Oral Dependency scale: 1967-1995.Psychology and mental healthBornstein, Robert F.
Convergence of two systems for assessing specific traits of personality disorder.Psychology and mental healthClark, Lee Anna, Livesley, W. John, Schroeder, Marsha L., Irish, Stephen L.
Corrected estimates of WAIS-R short form reliability and standard error of measurement.(Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised)Psychology and mental healthAxelrod, Bradley N., Woodard, John L., Benedict, Ralph H.B., Schretlen, David
Cross-validation of predicted Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised scores.Psychology and mental healthAdams, Kenneth M., Axelrod, Bradley N., Woodard, John L., Putnam, Steven H.
Cultural expression of psychiatric symptoms: idioms of anger among Puerto Ricans.Psychology and mental healthMalgady, Robert G., Rogler, Lloyd H., Cortes, Dharma E.
Cut scores and testing: statistics, judgment, truth, and error.(What Every Psychologist Should Know About Assessment)Psychology and mental healthDwyer, Carol Anne
Development and evaluation of validity scales for the Neuropsychology Behavior and Affect Profile: a dissembling study.Psychology and mental healthNelson, Linda D., Fahy, John, Satz, Paul, Gorp, Wilfred van, Mitrushina, Maura, Holston, Steven G., Uchiyama, Craig Lyons, Shimahara, Grace, Forney, David L., Zaucha, Ken, Light, Roger, Asarnow, Robert, Drebing, Charles, Kline, Amy E., Foster, Jacqueline, Namerow, Norman
Development and validation of the Trauma-Related Guilt Inventory (TRGI).Psychology and mental healthKubany, Edward S., Haynes, Stephen N., Abueg, Francis R., Manke, Frederic P., Brennan, Jerry M., Stahura, Catherine
Differences on six Horn abilities for 14 age groups between 15-16 and 75-94 years.(J.L. Horn, psychologist)Psychology and mental healthKaufman, Alan S., Kaufman, James C., Chen, Tsuey-Hwa, Kaufman, Nadeen L.
Digit span performance of persons 75-96 years of age: base rates and associations with selected demographic variables.Psychology and mental healthRyan, Joseph J., Lopez, Shane J., Paolo, Anthony M.
Estimation of WAIS-R premorbid intelligence: current ability and demographic data used in a best-performance fashion.(Wechsler Adult Scale of Intelligence-Revised)Psychology and mental healthSchinka, John A., Axelrod, Bradley N., Vanderploeg, Rodney D.
Factor structure and construct validity of the Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms.Psychology and mental healthMueser, Kim T., Sayers, Steven L., Curran, Patrick J.
Factor structure and convergent validity of the Aggression Questionnaire (AQ) in an offender population.Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Tamra Y., Boyd, Jenine C., Cascardi, Michele A., Poythress, Norman
Faking specific disorders and temporal response consistency on the MMPI-2.Psychology and mental healthWetter, Martha W., Deitsch, Sarah E.
Hierarchical factor structure of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - III.Psychology and mental healthBlaha, John, Wallbrown, Fred H.
Identifying major profile patterns in a population: an exploratory study of WAIS and GATB patterns.Psychology and mental healthDavison, Mark L., Gasser, Michael, Ding, Shuai
Interpersonal problems and the psychotherapy context: the construct validity of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems.Psychology and mental healthGurtman, Michael B.
Intersubtest scatter on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised for China: reply to Li and Balfour (1996).(response to article by Weiming Li and Louise Balfour in this issue, p. 100)Psychology and mental healthRyan, Joseph J., Lopez, Shane J., Xiaoyang Dai
Latent structure of the Postconcussion Syndrome Questionnaire.Psychology and mental healthAxelrod, Bradley N., Lees-Haley, Paul R., Fox, David D., Earnest, Karen, Dolezal-Wood, Sharon, Goldman, Robert S.
Lessons from the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC): toward a new cognitive assessment model.Psychology and mental healthKline, Rex B., Snyder, Joseph, Castellanos, Maria
Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and the modified MMSE (3MS): a psychometric comparison and normative data.Psychology and mental healthTombaugh, T.N., Hubley, A.M., McDowell, I., Kristjansson, B.
MMPI-2 Negative Treatment Indicators Content and Content Component scales: clinical correlates and outcome prediction for men with chronic pain.(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory)Psychology and mental healthClark, Michael E.
MMPI-2 variables in attention and memory test performance.(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2)Psychology and mental healthGass, Carlton S.
MMPI-A patterns of male juvenile delinquents.Psychology and mental healthMegargee, Edwin I., Pena, Liana M., Brody, Erica
Normative tables for calculating the WISC-III Performance and Full scale IQs when symbol search is substituted for coding.(Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)Psychology and mental healthReynolds, Cecil R., Sanchez, Serafin, Willson, Victor L.
Qualitative dimensions in scoring the Rey Visual Memory test of malingering.Psychology and mental healthGriffin, G. A. Elmer, Normington, Jill, Glassmire, David
Rating scales for measuring the interpersonal circle in forensic psychiatric patients.Psychology and mental healthBlackburn, Ronald, Renwick, Stanley J.
Revision of the Brief Visuospatial Memory Test: studies of normal performance, reliability, and validity.Psychology and mental healthBenedict, Ralph H.B., Schretlen, David, Groninger, Lowell, Dobraski, Melissa, Shpritz, Barnett
Social competence and behavior evaluation in children ages 3 to 6 years: the short form (SCBE-30).(Social Competence and Behavior Evaluation)Psychology and mental healthDumas, Jean E., LaFreniere, Peter J.
Some observations on the validity of the Rorschach Inkblot Method.Psychology and mental healthWeiner, Irving B.
Stability of intelligence and intellectual predictors in older persons.(research)Psychology and mental healthSmith, Gregory T., Schmitt, Frederick A., Berry, David T.R., Raguet, Michelle L., Campbell, Derek A.
Subtlety of the MMPI-2 Depression Scale: a subject laid to rest?Psychology and mental healthNelson, Linda D., Pham, David, Uchiyama, Craig
Test construction in the 1990s: recent approaches every psychologist should know.(What Every Psychologist Should Know About Assessment)Psychology and mental healthReckase, Mark D.
The ability of individuals with psychoactive substance use disorders to escape detection by the Personality Assessment Inventory.Psychology and mental healthFals-Stewart, William
The Bulimia Test - Revised: validation with DSM-IV criteria for bulimia nervosa.(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV)Psychology and mental healthThelen, Mark H., Mintz, Laurie B., Wal, Jillon S. Vander
The Cognition Rating Form: a new approach to assessing self-generated cognitions in adolescent sentence completions.Psychology and mental healthLehnert, Kim L., Overholser, James C., Adams, Dalia M.
The DSM-IV construct of cocaine dependence in a treatment sample of black, Mexican American, and white men.(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV)Psychology and mental healthSchafer, John, Caetano, Raul
The MMPI-2 Antisocial Practices content scale: construct validity and comparison with the Psychopathic Deviate Scale.(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2)Psychology and mental healthLilienfeld, Scott O.
The new rules of measurement.(What Every Psychologist Should Know About Assessment)Psychology and mental healthEmbretson, Susan E.
The Rorschach Human Experience Variable, interpersonal relatedness, and object representation in nonpatients.Psychology and mental healthBurns, Betsy, Viglione, Donald J., Jr.
Unresolved issues in measurement validity: an autobiographical overview.(What Every Psychologist Should Know About Assessment)Psychology and mental healthCampbell, Donald T.
Use of the Mental Health Inventory with adolescents: a secondary analysis of the Rand Health Insurance Study.Psychology and mental healthLesko, Lynna M., Ostroff, Jamie S., Woolverton, Karolyn Smith, Berry, Carolyn
Uses and abuses of coefficient alpha.(What Every Psychologist Should Know About Assessment)Psychology and mental healthSchmitt, Neal
Validation of the biosocial model of personality: confirmatory factor analysis of the Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire.Psychology and mental healthBagby, R. Michael, Joffe, Russell T., Parker, James D.A.
Validity and time savings in the selection of short forms of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised.Psychology and mental healthRyan, Joseph J., Ward, L. Charles
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