Psychological Science 1992 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 1992
Abstract measurement theory and the revolution that never happened.Psychology and mental healthCliff, Norman
A motivational analysis of emotion: reflex-cortex connections. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthLang, Peter J., Bradley, Margaret M., Cuthbert, Bruce N.
A quantitative genetic analysis of cognitive abilities during the second half of the life span.Psychology and mental healthMcClearn, G.E., Pedersen, N.L., Plomin, R., Nesselroade, J.R.
A semantic space of color names.Psychology and mental healthIzmailov, Ch.A., Sokolov, E.N.
Autonomic nervous system differences among emotions. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthLevenson, Robert W.
Behavior-genetic strategies in the study of emotion. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthGabbay, Frances H.
Biochemical measurements in the study of emotion. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthBaum, Andrew, Grunberg, Neil E., Siner, Jerome E.
Choice under conflict: the dynamics of deferred decision.Psychology and mental healthTversky, Amos, Shafir, Eldar
Choosing to vary and repeat. (pigeon behavior)Psychology and mental healthNeuringer, Allen
Chronic social stress, affiliation, and cellular immune response in nonhuman primates.Psychology and mental healthCohen, Sheldon, Rabin, Bruce S., Manuck, Stephen B., Kaplan, Jay R., Cunnick, Joan E.
Cognitive abilities: the state of the art. (Special Section: Ability Testing)Psychology and mental healthCarroll, John B.
Cognitive biases and the emotional disorders. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthMineka, Susan, Sutton, Steven K.
Commentary: Vehicles of 'g'. (Special Section: Ability Testing; General Factor)Psychology and mental healthJensen, Arthur R.
Commentary: What both critics and users of ability tests need to know. (Special Section: Ability Testing)Psychology and mental healthHumphreys, Lloyd G.
Determination of authorship credit in published dissertations.Psychology and mental healthGatz, Margaret, Costa, M. Martin
Disparate effects of repeated testing: reconciling Ballard's (1913) and Bartlett's (1932) results.Psychology and mental healthWheeler, Mark A., Roediger, Henry L., III
Early androgens are related to childhood sex-typed toy preferences.Psychology and mental healthBerenbaum, Sheri A., Hines, Melissa
Early experience and emotional development: the emergence of wariness of heights. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthCampos, Joseph J., Bertenthal, Bennett I., Kermoian, Rosanne
Embracing the bitter "truth": negative self-concepts and marital commitment.Psychology and mental healthSwann, William B., Jr., Hixon, J. Gregory, De La Ronde, Chris
Emotion and affective style: hemispheric substrates. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthDavidson, Richard J.
Emotions research: some promising questions and some questionable promises. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthZajonc, R.B., McIntosh, Daniel N.
Explaining "memory free" reasoning.Psychology and mental healthBrainerd, C.J., Reyna, V.F.
Expose or smear? The Burt affair. (British psychologist Cyril Burt) (FeatureReview)Psychology and mental healthGreen, Bert F.
Facial expressions of emotion: new findings, new questions. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthEkman, Paul
Failures to detect contradictions in a text: what readers believe versus what they read.Psychology and mental healthOtero, Jose, Kintsch, Walter
Feature availability in conceptual combination.Psychology and mental healthMurphy, Gregory L., Springer, Ken
Genetic influence on risk of divorce.Psychology and mental healthMcGue, Matt, Lykken, David T.
Heuristics for determining the optimal interval between checkups.Psychology and mental healthKlatzky, Roberta L., Messick, David M., Loftus, Judith
How shall we explain the delayed-judgment-of-learning effect?Psychology and mental healthDunlosky, John, Nelson, Thomas O.
Implicit and explicit memory for verbal information presented during sleep.Psychology and mental healthWood, James M., Schacter, Daniel L., Kihlstrom, John F., Bootzin, Richard R.
Inelastic preference for ethanol in rats: an analysis of ethanol's reinforcing effects.Psychology and mental healthHeyman, Gene M., Oldfather, Chad M.
Intact artificial grammar learning in amnesia: dissociation of classification learning and explicit memory for specific instances.Psychology and mental healthKnowlton, Barbara J., Ramus, Seth J., Squire, Larry R.
Making better use of scientific knowledge: separating truth from justice.Psychology and mental healthHastie, Reid, Hammond, Kenneth R., Harvey, Lewis O., Jr.
Mathematics anxiety and science careers among able college women.Psychology and mental healthChipman, Susan F., Krantz, David H., Silver, Rae
Measurement, models, and autonomous agentsPsychology and mental healthMarley, A.A.J.
Measurement theory and the research psychologist.Psychology and mental healthFalmagne, JeanClaude
New conceptualizations of practice: common principles in three paradigms suggest new concepts for training.Psychology and mental healthBjork, Robert A., Schmidt, Richard A.
Next to nothingness and being at the National Science Foundation: part III. (Psychology in Washington)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Next to nothingness and being at the National Science Foundation: Part II (Psychology in Washington)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Next to nothingness and being at the National Science Foundation: part I. (Psychology in Washington) (Column)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Non-similarity-based conceptualization in pigeons via secondary or mediated generalization.Psychology and mental healthWasserman, E.A., DeVolder, C.L., Coppage, D.J.
Numerical cognition: loci of ability differences comparing children from China and the United States.Psychology and mental healthGeary, David C., Fan, Lui, Bow- Thomas, C. Christine
Obedience, justice, and the law: PS reviews recent contributions to a field ripe for new research efforts by psychological scientists. (Psychological Science)Psychology and mental healthHans, Valerie P.
Obedience versus disobedience to legitimate versus illegitimate authorities issuing good versus evil directives. (response to Valerie P. Hans, Psychological Science, vol. 3, p. 218, July 1992)Psychology and mental healthSaks, Michael J.
On the framing of multiple prospects.Psychology and mental healthRedelmeier, Donald A., Tversky, Amos
On the nature and functions of motivation theories.Psychology and mental healthDeci, Edward L.
On the psychology of ampliative inference.Psychology and mental healthMyers, Tracy S., Osherson, Daniel N.
On the role of symmetry in visual search.Psychology and mental healthWolfe, Jeremy M., Friedman-Hill, Stacia R.
Organization in the perception of speech by young infants.Psychology and mental healthEimas, Peter D., Miller, Joanne L.
Perceptual bias for forward-facing motion.Psychology and mental healthMcBeath, Michael K., Morikawa, Kazunori, Kaiser, Mary K.
Postcript on ability tests, testing, and public policy. (Special Section: Ability Testing)Psychology and mental healthEstes, William K.
Procedural justice and alternative dispute resolution. (response to Valerie P. Hans, Psychological Science, vol. 3, p. 218, July 1992)Psychology and mental healthVidmar, Neil
Psychology's progress in a changing world. (Psychology in Washington) (Column)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Psychophysical scaling of stressful life events.Psychology and mental healthCrandall, Christian S.
Rationality, melioration, and law-of-effect models for choice.Psychology and mental healthStaddon, J.E.R.
Representation of colors in the blind, color-blind and normally sighted.Psychology and mental healthShepard, Roger N., Cooper, Lynn A.
Sex, art, conservatism, and the debasement of intellectual freedom. (Psychology in Washington) (Column)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Sex differences in jealousy: evolution, physiology, and psychology.Psychology and mental healthLarsen, Randy J., Buss, David M., Westen, Drew, Semmelroth, Jennifer
The contingency of perceptual processsing: context modifies equal-loudness relations. (Includes appendices)Psychology and mental healthMarks, Lawrence E.
The disjunction effect in choice under uncertainty.Psychology and mental healthTversky, Amos, Shafir, Eldar
The effect of meaning frequency on processing lexically ambiguous words: evidence from eye fixations. (Includes appendix)Psychology and mental healthRayner, Keith, Sereno, Sara C., Pacht, Jeremy M.
The learning curve for writing books: evidence from Professor Asimov. (writer Isaac Asimov)Psychology and mental healthOhlsson, Stellan
The loss of positional certainty in long-term memory.Psychology and mental healthNairne,James S.
The rational mind and the problem of volition.Psychology and mental healthPervin, LawrenceA.
The study of goals in psychology.Psychology and mental healthDweck, Carol S.
Toward a synthetic physiological psychology.Psychology and mental healthTeitelbaum, Philip, Pellis, Sergio M.
Unobservable facial actions and emotion. (Symposium on Emotion)Psychology and mental healthCacioppo, John T., Tassinary, Louis G.
Violations of monotonicity and contextual effects in choice-based certainty equivalents.Psychology and mental healthBirnbaum, Michael H.
What is an "explanation" of behavior?Psychology and mental healthSimon, Herbert A.
When predictions create reality: judgments of learning may alter what they areintended to assess.Psychology and mental healthBjork, Robert A., Spellman, Barbara A.
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