Public Administration Review - Abstracts

Public Administration Review
Bounded Rationality and the Politics of Muddling Through.Political scienceForester, J.
Citizenship and Professionalism in Public Administration.Political scienceCooper, T.
Citizenship and Service Delivery: The Promise of Coproduction.Political scienceLevine, C.
Civil Servants and Second Class Citizens.Political scienceRohr, J.A.
Civis, Civitas, and Civilitas: A New Focus for the Year 2000.Political scienceGawthop, L.C.
Computers and Control in the Work Environment.Political scienceKraemer, K.L., Danzinger, J.N.
Computers and Small Local Governments: Uses and Users.Political scienceNorris, D.F.
Concentering: A Useful Preplanning Activity.Political scienceBarkdoll, G.L.
Economic Vitality and Civic Vitality.Political scienceShaul, M.
Energy Policies and Biomass Resources in the Asia- Pacific Region.Political scienceRandolph, J.C., Fowler, G.L.
Fuzziness and Bureaucracy.Political scienceLerner, A.W., Wanat, J.
Government's Responsibility for Citizenship and the Quality of Community Life.Political scienceRedburn, F.S., Cho, Y.H.
Individual Values, Organizational Structure, and the Problem of Performance: Thailand as a Case Study.Political sciencePunyaratabandhu-Bhakdi, S.
Information Technology and Models of Governmental Productivity.Political scienceAyres, Q.W., Kettinger, W.J.
Knowledge, Networks and Neighborhoods - Will Microcomputers Make Us Better Citizens?Political scienceGates, B.
Lessons from a Fast-Paced Public Project: Perspectives on Doing Better the Next Time Around.Political scienceGolembiewski, R.T., Keipper, A.
Local Government Microcomputer Information Systems.Political scienceRamsey, A.
Managing Competing Claims: An Ethical Framework for Human Resource Decision Making.Political scienceStewart, D.W.
Microcomputers and Local Government: New Economics and New Opportunities.Political scienceGriesemer, J.R.
Microcomputers in Local Government.Political scienceVoss, L.E., Eikmeier, D.
Multi-Agency Planning for Natural Areas in Tennessee.Political sciencePearsall, S.
Municipal Administration and the Sports Franchise Relocation Issue.Political scienceJohnson, A.T.
Office Automation: A Local Government Perspective.Political scienceMcMillen, S.
Recreation Vouchers: A Case Study in Administrative Innovation and Citizen Participation.Political scienceCrompton, J.L.
Sources and Consequences of Citizen Attitudes Toward Government.Political scienceMcDowell, R.L.
The American Administrative State: Wilson and the Founders - An Unorthodox View.Political scienceVan Riper, P.
The Frustrations of Government Service.Political scienceAdams, B.
The Great Paradox of Democratic Citizenship and Public Personnel Administration.Political scienceMcGregor, E.B.
The Public in Practice and Theory.Political scienceMathews, D.
The Virtuous Citizen, the Honorable Bureaucrat, and 'Public' Administration.Political scienceHart, D.K.
TVA at Age Fifty - Reflections and Retrospect.Political scienceNeuse, S.M.
Why Can't We Resolve the Research Issue in Public Administration?Political scienceMcCardy, H.F., Cleary, R.E.
Working Group 1: Adapting Theories of Public Administration to the Emerging Role of Citizens.Political scienceRohr, J.A., Dunn, W.A.
Working Group 3: Adapting Public Administration Education to the Emerging Role of Citizens.Political scienceCooper, T.L., Huefner, R.
Working Group 4: Adapting, Concepts of Community to the Emerging Role of Citizens.Political scienceReburn, F.S., Sundeer, R.
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