Real Estate Finance Journal 1993 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1993
Acquiring and restructuring nonperforming commercial loans.Real estate industrySchallich, Terrence J.
An analysis of selling versus renting the old residence.Real estate industryJohnson, I. Richard, Nixon, Clair J.
A national housing agenda for the 1990s.Real estate industryAtlas, John, Dreier, Peter
A new approach to improving property performance.Real estate industryHiggins, William J.
Application of option pricing theory to convertible mortgage valuation.Real estate industryTimmons, Douglas
A primer on chapter 11 reorganization.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
ARMs versus FRMs: which is better? (adjustable-rate mortgages; fixed-rate mortgages)Real estate industrySprecher, C. Ronald, Willman, Elliot S.
A traditional approach for global liquidity. (includes related article)Real estate industryRodin, Neal I.
Basic principles of trust deed investments.Real estate industryShim, Jae K., Sherman, Lawrence F.
Between a rock and a regulator (part 2): a further looks at today's transaction environment. (tax and other regulations in the United States which affect distressed loans)Real estate industryShilton, Leon
Between a rock and a regulator: today's transaction environment. (part 1)Real estate industryShilton, Leon
Capital access: that was then, this is now.Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Checklist for assuming the management of a hotel.Real estate industryLasky, Morris E.
Considerations beyond the franchising fees.Real estate industryRusso, Michelle
Current trends in hotel real estate transactions.Real estate industryCahill, Michael, Carlin, Glenn A.
Damming the risk.Real estate industryCsar, Michael F.
Determining the accuracy of the rent bill.Real estate industryHandschumacher, Kurt, Markowitz, Alan
Disasters can create opportunities for troubled hotels.Real estate industryButler, James R., Jr., Gilberg, Robert A.
Easing the transition for relocating executives.Real estate industryWard, John III
Editor's comments. (discussion of United States economic reform plans) (Editorial)Real estate industryZucker, William
Environmental contamination: every company is at risk.Real estate industryRowley, Peter G.
Financing alternatives for hospital construction and facility renovation.Real estate industrySherman, Lawrence F., Samiere, Micail L.
First-time buyers, immigrants lead home-buying recovery. (United States housing market)Real estate industryTotaro, David J.
Governing the lender-controlled community association in a foreclosure.Real estate industryHaas, David I.
Home and office life in for some changes.Real estate industryKatz, Ric
Hotel expansion through conversions.Real estate industryKnipp, Helmut, Matlof, Richard
Hotel management contracts under fire and change: a perspective.Real estate industryEyster, James J.
How to plan for natural disasters. (includes related article on preparing for emergencies)Real estate industrySachs, Steven W.
Lessons from Hurricane Andrew.Real estate industryPisani, Bob
Managing and leasing institutional real estate portfolios.Real estate industryHayman, Alan
Minority, marketability discounts affect valuation of partnership interest. (valuation of partnership interests in United States)Real estate industryShenkman, Martin M., Feingold, Cal R.
New law seeks to end abusive roll-ups. (in real estate limited partnerships)Real estate industryOpsata, Margaret
Nonrecourse real estate loans: dead or alive?Real estate industryReid, Tanis, Maniscalco, Robert A.
Past real estate cycles and expectations for the next five years.Real estate industryArnold, Helen R.
Playing the lease renewal game to win.Real estate industryGilbert, Kenneth J., Maurer-Holaender, David N.
Prorations: watch out for real estate taxes paid in arrears.Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
Real estate education and the decision process.Real estate industryCollins, Webster A., Thode, Stephen F.
Real estate investment advisory: survival in the 1990s.Real estate industryTash, Carl B.
Relief under CERCLA: the innocent seller's defense. (includes related article on lender liability)Real estate industrySchnapf, Larry
RESPA revisited, reworked, and revised. (Regulation X of United States Housing and Community Development Act of 1992)Real estate industryScheiber, Paul H.
Retirement housing market opportunities.Real estate industryBogorad, Leonard, Kaufmann, Gadi
Seeking shelter from the storm: casualty loss and the LIHTC. (effects of storm damage to property on tax status of buildings)Real estate industryAltamura, Anthony, Koppel, Steven
Special workout considerations for loan participants.Real estate industryEdelstein, Mark S.
Strategies for unintentional owners of hotel assets.Real estate industryIsenberg, Walter L., Zucker, David L.
The dollars and sense of today's hotel investment.Real estate industryCiraldo, Dana Michael
The effect of the earnings stripping rule on foreign investment in US real estate. (includes related article)Real estate industryWagner, Brad
The expanded cash management agreement. (protection for lenders with nonperforming loans)Real estate industryGalowitz, Sam W.
The financial industry in crisis: issues, answers and solutions.Real estate industryKnutzen, Robert
The limited liability company: the birth of a new entity.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
The regional mall as an investment in the 1990s.Real estate industryTash, Carl B.
There is no such thing as a "final estimate of value."Real estate industryCollins, Webster A.
Three views of improving capital markets.Real estate industryDavis, Robert Jr.
Timing and magnitude of portfolio adjustment by lenders. (commercial real estate and credit availability in the United States)Real estate industryBrueggeman, William B.
Unhappy tax surprises.Real estate industryOpsata, Margaret
Using swaps to mitigate the risk of foreign real estate investment.Real estate industryMadura, Jeff, Rosenberg, Sidney
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