Real Estate Finance Journal 1996 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1996
An approach to net lease real estate investment.Real estate industryCarey, William P.
A partial interest in real estate: how is it valued?Real estate industrySchoenfeld, John A., Epstein, William
Appraisers, appraisals, and appraisal reports.Real estate industryMoore, Charles A., Jr.
Are urban Brownfields becoming a better investment?Real estate industryHallenbeck, Robert P., Jr.
Breaking the deadlock: win-win negotiating.Real estate industryMayfield, Hal
Can you be safe? Personal liability and CERCLA. (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act)Real estate industryPhillips, Kenneth W.
Dealing with radon: it's good business.Real estate industryHutchens, Timothy R.
Deferred exchanges: avoiding traps for the unwary.Real estate industryEdwards, Martin S., Moran, Timothy P.
Economy all-suit hotels "check in" for an extended stay.Real estate industryHartmann, Gregory
Editor's comments. (real estate taxation)(Editorial)Real estate industryZucker, William
Financing a regional mall: traditional sources versus securitization.Real estate industryLeone, Eugene J.M.
Flat tax flattens homeowners.Real estate industryTuccillo, John
From physical assets to virtual assets: real estate finance in the information age.Real estate industryLibert, Barry D., Alberding, Evelyn C.
Funds from operations: clarifying the FFO measurement of REIT operating performance. (real estate investment trust)Real estate industryDecker, Mark
General partners beware: FASB proposes new consolidation guidance. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)Real estate industryDubrowski, Chris
Invest with success: where are the future investment opportunities in the US lodging industry?Real estate industryRushmore, Stephen
Lessons from Nehemiah for the low-cost housing market. (Nehemiah Plan Homes)Real estate industryRobbins I.D.
Loan servicing for commercial mortgage-backed securities: recoverability standards for advancing obligations.Real estate industryBerger, Stacey M., Shackelford, R. Scott
Low-income housing credits: proceed with caution.Real estate industryGrossfeld, Sidney
Mega-mergers and acquisitions: how are the biggest deals affecting real estate?Real estate industryCarlson, Richard G.
Mutual funds and commercial collateralized mortgage-backed securities - where's the fit?Real estate industryMueller, Timothy G., Porter, Kevin A.
New accounting standards affect treatment of troubled loans: SFAS 114 and SFAS 118. (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards)Real estate industryLevy, Andrew H., Dixon, Bonnie L.
New project capitalization: a developer's game plan for tackling the capital markets.Real estate industryMowatt, B. Gregory
New role for brokers: walking in the owner's shoes. (office space brokers)Real estate industryHayman, Alan, Ulrich, Peter J.
OSHA's asbestos regulations: implications for owners and tenants of commercial buildings. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)Real estate industrySpracker, Stanley M., Connolly, Annemargaret
Outmaneuvering the big box. (real estate retail market)Real estate industryBlankstein, Randy
Preventing an inter-lender war following a borrower default.Real estate industryEdelstein, Mark S.
Real estate construction financing: the pitfalls of the tri-party agreement.Real estate industryLuskin, Martin
Real estate future visions to 2025: Demolition Man or Blade Runner?Real estate industryArnold, Helen R.
Real estate investment and finance in the UK: a practical guide.Real estate industrySamson, Alan A., Rabinowitz, Gavin L.
Receiverships for income properties.Real estate industryHoffman, William J.
Recent trends in hotel management contracts.Real estate industryLloyd-Jones, Anne R., Rushmore, Stephen
Recourse liability arising from a nonrecourse mortgage.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
RESPA revisited: new proposed rule on broker fee disclosure, volume pricing, and overages. (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act)Real estate industrySchieber, Paul H.
Reverse mortgage lending: a growing demand.Real estate industryCopenhaver, Robert A.
Selling real estate: how to save taxes by converting an all-cash sale.Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
Senior housing: alternatives and implications.Real estate industryAdler, Tamara L.
Someone else's money: commercial mortgage finance in the 1990s.Real estate industryWhite, Gregory A.
Synchronicity and indexing theory of international real estate cycles.Real estate industryBaen, John S.
Taking REITs public: 1996 and beyond: (real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryDonovan, Timothy R.
Taming volcanic issues of lodging and leisure property ownership.Real estate industryButler, James R., Jr., Sultan, Jeffrey E.
Tax-deferred exchanges: pros and cons.Real estate industryValachi, Donald J.
The application of environmental insurance in redevelopment associated with military base closures.Real estate industryAmos, Bruce
The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994: increased challenges for single asset real estate cases.Real estate industryKomrower, Stuart, Volkov, Ilana
The capital expenditure reserve: financing technique for loans on properties with capital requirements.Real estate industryGalowitz, Sam W.
The dawn of the financial architect. (real estate industry)Real estate industryBrunswick, Robert S.
The effects of the amendment of SFAS 65 on mortgage banking. (Statement of Financial Accounting Standard)Real estate industryHutto, Gary W.
The flat tax and real estate markets.Real estate industryBarry, John S.
The key issues behind Japanese disinvestment of U.S. real estate in the 1990s.Real estate industryKennedy, Darin, Matsuo, Masatoshi
The monster in the closet: the commercial investor and CERCLA liability. (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compnesation and Liability Act)Real estate industryPhillips, Kenneth W.
The REIT in defeat. (Real Estate Investment Trusts)Real estate industrySchooler, Stuart D.
The treatment of environmental matters in bankruptcy cases.Real estate industrySpracker, Stanley M., Barnette, James D.
The use of synthetic leases to finance build-to-suit transactions.Real estate industryHolmes, David
Tomorrow's real estate industry. (effects of new technology on real estate)Real estate industryGordon, Jacques N.
UBTI: a primer for real estate investments updated. (unrelated business taxable income)Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A., DeLeo, Alfred F.
UPREITs: their time has come for the chosen few. (umbrella partnership real estate investment trust)Real estate industryScherrer, Phillip S.
US construction activity to level off in 1996 according to construction industry forecast.Real estate industryBurr, John D.
Wall Street, public markets drive real estate investments in 1996.Real estate industryPruett, Shelby E.L.
When a third party purchases your government-held mortgage.Real estate industryO'Keefe, Patrick
Will the flat tax flatten the housing market?Real estate industrySchaefer, Rebecca S.
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