Real Estate Finance Journal 1997 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1997
ADR: a rational alternative to unpredictable, time-consuming, and expensive litigation. (alternative dispute resolution)Real estate industryBurke, Jean E.
Analyzing contaminated real estate in a changing market.Real estate industryJackson, Thomas O., Dobroski, Mark E., Philips, Trevor E.
Available capital and strong industry economics fuel vibrant market for US hotel investors' acquisitions.Real estate industrySummers, Jeffrey C.
Back to the future: a look at today's CMBS market from the year 2000. (commercial mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industryWolgin, Steven B.
"Bankruptcy-remote" clauses in real estate mortgages.Real estate industryRosen, Kenneth, A., Buechler, Bruce, Freedman, Terri Jane
Capital markets update: 1997 - the year of the FASIT?(financial asset securitization investment trusts)Real estate industryKayle, Bruce, May, Gregory
Congress misses an opportunity to reform public housing.Real estate industryUtt, Ronald D.
Drafting effective completion guaranties.(construction loan documentation)Real estate industryEdelstein, Mark S.
Editor's comments. (Norway's real estate industry)Real estate industryZucker, William
Environmental liabilities pose problems for real estate investment trusts.Real estate industryMaurer, Brad A.
Environmental liability insurance for property transactions.(specialty environmental insurance market)Real estate industryHolland, J. Kent, Jr., McElroy, William
Estimating the current cost of hotel financing.Real estate industryRushmore, Stephen, Hirschman, Carey
Ferreting out fraud: How municipal agencies can avoid construction crime.Real estate industryDaddona, Philip
Financing a right of redemption.Real estate industryRosenberg, David S.
Has commercial lending really changed?(commercial real estate lending)Real estate industryHutto, Gary W.
Hotel food and beverage departments: are they profitable?Real estate industryHanson, Bjorn
Hotel franchising: how to be a successful franchisee.Real estate industryRushmore, Stephen, Arora, Sabena
Hotel management contracts: the revolution continues.Real estate industryEyster, James J.
How market opinion leaders view commercial office building investment opportunities in Chicago's CBD.(central business districts)Real estate industryMcDonald, John F., Andersen, Jon R.
HUD targets title insurance commissions for RESPA scrutiny.(Department of Housing and Urban Development)Real estate industryMarkson, Jane S.
Identifying and measuring business enterprise value for regional shopping centers.(regional shopping centers as an operating business with a value separate and distinct from the value of the real estate housing it)Real estate industryKinnard, William N., Jr., Geckler, Mary Beth
Judicial foreclosures in California: is the "fair value" limitation fair to lenders?Real estate industryGoldman, James L.
Korean housing: its environment and market conditions.(market prospects are optimistic as economic growth continues)Real estate industryChoei, Nae-Young
Leasing and management in the Northeast.Real estate industryMcDonough, Matthew S.
Lending and centralization: is this the future?(technology-driven competitiveness in lending)Real estate industryGilmore, Dennis J.
Lessons from the hotel trenches: avoiding another crash.(hotel market conditions, failures, and warning signs for owners and lenders)Real estate industryHoffman, William J.
Net leases: what are they and why are they so popular?Real estate industryScherrer, Phillip S., Mathison, Timothy J.
Obligations of plan fiduciaries: economically targeted real estate investments.Real estate industryKarlovec, John D.
Office sector commands top billing among property investors.Real estate industryPage, Daniel J.
'Old-fashioned' real estate investment: a viable choice for the 1990s. (includes related articles)Real estate industryBiskind, Edward I.
Profile of the second-home market.(a survey on buyers and owners of second homes)Real estate industryCarswell, Andrew T.
Real estate: 1996 - the turning point to the twenty-first century.Real estate industryRogers, Philip B.
Real estate development looking up in Mexico City.Real estate industryHolschneider, Carlos
Real estate's impact on health care: how infrastructure affects the bottom line.(effective management of health care industry's real estate properties may enhance competitive advantage)Real estate industryKops, Deborah
REITs and the Russell 2000: implications for small-cap managers.(Real Estate Investment Trusts)Real estate industryPaolone, Anthony, Taylor, Louis
Retail real estate reality.Real estate industryBrofman, Michael D.
Russian workers and their changing workplace.Real estate industryMikhailovski, Valeri
Senior housing: a burgeoning real estate market.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Single-tenant retail real estate valuation and financing: an enterprise approach.(applicability for securitized loans)(includes notes on exhibits presented)Real estate industryVolk, Christopher H.
Squeeze-down formulas: do they work the way you think they do.(includes related article on adjustment computation)Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
Tax credits fuel growth of affordable housing.(attracting investors towards multifamily housing)(includes sample of a tax credit calculation)Real estate industryMcQuiston, Julian A.
The broker vs. the appraiser: how to value a hotel.Real estate industryElliott, Mark W., Rushmore, Stephen
The cyclical road to recovery. (real estate recession)Real estate industryGorman, James J.
The legal and ethical duties and obligations of real estate brokers and salespersons.Real estate industryGunner, Arlen R.
The low income housing tax credit: its ten-year anniversary.Real estate industryArcand, Robert M.
The Mexican real estate market: a long-term outlook ripe with opportunities for the savvy.Real estate industryGood, Sheldon F.
The office market cycle: there's hope this time.Real estate industryLiang, Youguo, Kim, John H.
The REIT resurgence: a resilient industry rebounds.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryDecker, Mark O.
The use of prepetition relief-from-stay agreements and prepackaged bankruptcies in commercial mortgage loan workouts.Real estate industryBuck, Bradford H.
The view from Europe: financial institutions address troubled real estate-related assets.Real estate industryJunger, J. Squire
Time to fix the office building business.Real estate industryHayman, Alan, Ulrich, Peter J.
Tough American negotiating changes the way Japanese landlords do business.Real estate industryMoultrup, Patrick
Valuing management for real estate investments.Real estate industryScherrer, Phillip S.
What is a QPAM?(qualified professional asset manager)Real estate industryMaurer, James J.
Why Congress should privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.(Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association)(includes related article on secondary mortgage market)Real estate industryBarry, John S.
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