Real Estate Finance Journal 1999 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1999
An updated look at asset allocation: private and public real estate in a multi-asset class portfolio.Real estate industrySanders, Grayson
Back to basics approach: the commercial real estate industry at the millennium.Real estate industryStruble, Dewey
Baltimore: competitive pressures force fundamental changes.(real estate industry in Baltimore, Maryland)(Industry Overview)Real estate industryKevenides, Herve A.
Benchmarks for lenders and investors in the seniors housing industry.Real estate industryCurry, Richard W., Singer, Harvey N.
Brownfields: a booming but regional marketplace.Real estate industryKenigsberg, Jay D., Spiegel, Jeffrey T.
Can New York City's economy continue to expand without addressing the housing shortage?Real estate industryKevenides, Herve A.
CMBS: creating a performance history.(commercial mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industryPappadopoulos, George
Commercial lenders and the Year 2000 challenge.Real estate industryGrotewold, Thomas A.
Commercial real estate lending: the role of the federal banking regulatory agencies.Real estate industryGreen, George
Communicating real estate's financial impact to senior management.Real estate industryWorrell, David
Cross-quadrant asset allocation: very modern portfolio theory applied to real estate.Real estate industryHudson-Wilson, Susan
Dallas office market overview: recovery, expansion and oversupply.(Industry Overview)Real estate industryPetretta, Danielle L.
Defeasance: a prepayment schedule.Real estate industrySchonberger, Michael
Demystifying mortgage insurance cancellation.Real estate industryHutchinson, Suzanne C.
Diamonds in the rough: how should corporate America handle contaminated sites?Real estate industryBalmer, David G.
Does this hotel come with leases?Real estate industryMigdal, Nelson F.
Downtown developments that work: urban entertainment centers.Real estate industryKevenides, Herve A.
Dr. Charles Wurtzebach goes from the Ivy tower to the Sears tower, merging the academic with the real world.(CEO of Heitman Capital Management)(Interview)Real estate industryClauretie, Terrence M.
Editor's comment.(interest rates)(Editorial)Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Editor's comment.(outsourcing)(Editorial)Real estate industry 
Enhancing liquidity for holders of interests in UPREITs and DOWNREITs.(umbrella partnership real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryScheinfeld, Steven G., Hall, Bryan H.
Financing the sports stadium: new eras, new sources.Real estate industryKane, Meredith J.
Fire sale in Asia: a buyer's market.Real estate industryBolick, Chad, Scherrer, Phillip Scott
Hotel REITs: the great disconnect.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryGordon, Sally, McCarthy, Wendy
Hotels in Asia: managing on home turf.Real estate industryChay, Jasmine W.
Housing or health care facility? Financing assisted living projects with tax credits.Real estate industryDeKuiper, Kristin A.
How the Year 2000 bug will hurt real estate lenders.Real estate industryCostanzo, Vito A.
Insurance company ratings: coming to terms with different standards.Real estate industryFeinman, Michael J., Purcell, Paige
Lifting the dead hand of the past: state initiatives for promoting brownfield remediation.Real estate industryKeene, John C.
Low-income housing tax credit investments: from the boutique to the mainstream in one decade.Real estate industryJohns, Wendell
Low income housing tax credits: how one firm overcame a shortage of tax credits.(Kaufman and Broad Multi-Housing Group)Real estate industryCosta, Michael
Major hotel buyers achieved tremendous growth in acquisition volume and expenditure in 1997.(Industry Overview)Real estate industryClark, Andrew
Managing construction risk and outsourcing development services.Real estate industryCrewdson, Robert L.
Marketing mortgage refinancing: suggestions for enhancing borrower choice.Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth
Mark to mrket: re-pricing $12 billion of FHA-insured mortgages.(Federal Housing Administration)Real estate industryWilkins, Charles S., Jr.
Mezzanine CMBS: credit analysis and relative value.(commercial mortgage backed securities)Real estate industryBorn, Kent D.
Ms. Susan Hudson-Wilson: she saw a need for independent real estate research.(founder and CEO of Property and Portfolio Research Inc.)(Interview)Real estate industryCaluretie, Terrence M.
Opportunistic investing: making money in today's markets.(real estate investment)Real estate industryLattin, A. Floyd
Outsourcing real estate department functions.Real estate industryFinn, Gerald C.
Patrick Corcoran speaks out on what's going on with CMBSs.(commercial mortgage backed securities; interview with J.P. Morgan Securities Inc analyst)(Interview)Real estate industryClauretie, Terrence M.
Philip D. Neuer speaks on the state of professional education for real estate finance.(interview with president of the Institute for Corporate Real Estate)(Interview)Real estate industryClauretie, Terrence M.
Portfolio diversification and Caribbean hospitality real estate.Real estate industryBlack, Roy T., Cheng, Ping, Oppenheimer, Peter, Diaz, Julian, III
Public housing and the collateral for residential loans.Real estate industryCarroll, Thomas M.
Public housing and the collateral for residential loans.Real estate industryCarroll, Thomas M.
Qualified Personal Residence Trusts: risks and rewards.Real estate industryLynch, Michael, Beausejuour, David
Real estate and retailing today.Real estate industryCoyle, Stephen M.
Real estate aspects of corporate acquisitions.Real estate industryIrving, Maccullough M.
Real estate investment trusts can enable companies to achieve strategic goals.Real estate industryYeates, Thomas C.
Real estate outlook for 1999.(commercial real estate market)Real estate industryBach, Robert
Reducing the risks of construction lending.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Remaining competitive in the real estate game will be the result of remaining competitive in the telecommunications race.Real estate industryHornig, Daren W.
Residential real estate on the Web: new challenges and new opportunities for real estate professionals.Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J., Townsend, Anthony M.
Saint Louis continues to recover.(St. Louis, Missouri)Real estate industryKevenides, Herve A.
The CMBS market: a 1998 review and the top ten trends for 1999.(commercial mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industry 
The duty of sellers' brokers to inspect and disclose property defects in residential real property sales.Real estate industryStratton, Richard J., Kamian, Nicole S.
The hedge fund menagerie.Real estate industryFriedland, Dion
The Homeowner's Protection Act of 1998: a brief summary.Real estate industryBouillon, Marvin L., Clauretie, Terrence M.
The Homeowner's Protection Act: protection for whom and at what cost?Real estate industryDeTienne, Dawn R., Worzala, Elaine
The importance of retail tenant type in understanding shopping center rentals.Real estate industryGerbich, Marcus
The Internet and mortgage brokerage: new challenges, new opportunities.Real estate industryTownsend, Anthony M., DeMarie, Samuel M., Hendrickson, Anthony R.
The myth of the yield maintenance formula.Real estate industryGalowitz, Sam W.
The new hedge accounting and derivatives valuation paradigm.Real estate industryHutto, Gary W.
The rising long-term trend of single-family mortgage foreclosure rates.Real estate industrySeelig, Steven A., Elmer, Peter J.
The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and its effect on income property values.Real estate industryBouillon, Marvin L., West, Timothy D.
Turmoil and losses in the CMBS market.(commercial mortgage backed securities)Real estate industryYeskey, Dennis
Understanding hotel market depth.Real estate industryCahill, Michael
Useful web sites for the real estate professional.Real estate industryClauretie, Terrence M.
Useful Web sites for the real estate professional: historical data.(internet World Wide Web)Real estate industryClauretie, Terrence M.
Useful Web sites for the real estate professional: potpourri.(Internet World Wide Web)Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Western Europe: are the opportunities worth the risks?Real estate industryTodd, John, Appel, Russell, Lieberman, Seth
What real estate lenders should know about the millennium bug.Real estate industryBarr, Charles
What's wrong with real estate?Real estate industrySirmans, G. Stacy, Worzala, Elaine, Zietz, Emily
When retail space goes bad.Real estate industryBruder, Ronald B.
Why would anyone want to be a landlord? Or a tenant?Real estate industryBenjamin, John D., de la Torre, Cris, Musumeci, Jim
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