Real Estate Finance Journal 2006 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 2006
ADR: A practical approach for avoiding disputes before they happen.(alternative dispute approach for real estate litigations)Real estate industryGibbs, Thomas E.
Affordable housing and community development update.Real estate industryPoppel, Stuart D.
Are you assuming or buying an asset subject to an outstanding tax-exempt bond financing?Real estate industryFranceschi, Kristin H.R.
CMBS structure: financial innovation reflects evolution and integration of multiple forces.(commercial debt securitization funds )Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Concerned about the release of HMDA data?(Home Mortgage Disclosure Act)Real estate industryHardt, Lisa Stone, Schieber, Paul H.
Deficiencies of IRRs and TWRs as measures of real estate investment and manager performance.(internal rate of return, time-weighted return)Real estate industryMarrs, Nathaniel M., Tomlinson, Stephen G.
Developers must be diligent in reviewing fees under amended Pennsylvania municipalities planning code.Real estate industryKirk, Dusty Elias
Duties of commercial landlords under the Patriot Act and other recent federal legislation.Real estate industryJanz, James R.
Escalation claims and clauses.Real estate industryQuilling, Thomas F.
Federal bank regulatory guidance clarifies that a broader definition of community development is applicable to all banks under the Community Reinvestment Act.Real estate industryTaggart, Timothy R. Mc
Financing housing initiatives through NAHASDA.(Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act)Real estate industryUckert, Colin, Blumer, Karolyn
Hard-money loans: the new generation of real estate investment.Real estate industryLapin, G. David
HUD, IRS, Congress issue guidance, work on housing legislation in the wake of hurricane Katrina.(United States Housing and Urban Development)(Internal Revenue Service)Real estate industryPoppel, Stuart D.
Integrity guidance in nontraditional mortgage products.(guidelines for mortgages.)Real estate industryTeitelbaum, David, Haag, Susan White, Restors, John
Issues to consider when subleasing.(real estate contracts )Real estate industrySwearengen, Michael K.
Lending - Illinois Supreme Court rejects Illinois Interest Act's Fee limitation on residential mortgage loans.Real estate industryRist, Dianne E.
Letter of credit and tenant bankruptcies: drafting tips for landlord's counsel.Real estate industryMercer, Robert M.D., Hill, John Cleveland
Letter of credit reduce landlord's allowed claim rather than gross damages.Real estate industryFail, Gerrett A.
Multifamily housing developers see increase in FHA and ADA litigation.(Fair Housing Act, Disabilities Act)Real estate industryHinchey, John W., Malone, Michael J.
Preparing for disasters: boy scout lessons for owners and contractors.Real estate industryRodriquez, Heather Pinder
Public real estate finance - property in the 21st Century: uncompensated risk, e-commerce, securitization, and globalization.Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Regulation of stormwater pollution: an area of increasing importance to the construction industry.Real estate industryLiebesman, Lawrence, Kaufman, Bonni, Petersen, Rafe
Review and assessment of the Madrid hotel market.Real estate industryPerret, Sophie, Bijaoui, Philippe
Taxation - acquiring real estate through an IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP.(Individual Retirement Accounts)(Simplified Employee Plans)Real estate industryBerg, Adriane G.
Tax increment financing districts and special taxing districts: tools for infrastructure finance.Real estate industryJr., John R. Orrick
"That not what I agreed to!" - the legal concept of abandonment of contract.Real estate industryKoger, Gregory H.
The future of terrorism insurance: a call to arms.(Terrorism Risk Insurance Act )Real estate industryMirel, Lawrence H., Platt, Leslie A.
The HMDA internal analysis conundrum: how to avoid the creation of evidence to be used against you.(Home Mortgage Disclosure Act )Real estate industryMcGuire, Matthew P., Jr., Frank A. Hirsch, Few, Wesley D., Abrahams, Clark R.
The impact of a fraudulent transfer on a mortgage lien and how to minimize or avoid the consequences.Real estate industryGertier, Richard G.
The near extinction of the traditional due diligence period; what to expect and do if you area a prospective buyer in a competitive investment sales process.Real estate industryNatsis, Anton N, McFadden, Michael E.
The Property Condition Assessment, your investment tool.(real estate investments )Real estate industryNelson, Eric L.
The U.S. self-storage market.Real estate industrySeverino, Ryan
Tourism and real estate investments in Brazil.Real estate industryCanteras, Diogo, Vasques, Cristino, Moura, Gustavo
United Kingdom real estate investment trusts update.(real estate investment trusts legislations )Real estate industryGaut, Robert, Heilpern, Nigel
Washington's new environmental superlien.Real estate industrySkinner, Shannon J., Lilley, Kirk A.
Watch your E-mails: your tenants may be reading them.(electronic document protection in real estate industry)Real estate industryTrunk, Andrew B.
When brown is green: leveraging capital under the new Brownfield Tax Law.(Brownfield Tax Law for real estate investments)Real estate industryMason, Elizabeth F., Zoli, Elise N., Glazer, Edward L.
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