Real Estate Law Journal 1993 - Abstracts

Real Estate Law Journal 1993
Avoiding the risks: subrogation, indemnification, and exculpation in the context of commercial leases.Real estate industryGrant, Eugene L.
Buying property from the Addams family. (sellers' duty to disclose material facts about the property)Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Citizens Against Burlington, Inc. v. Busey: defining reasonable alternatives to be examined in a NEPA-required environmental impact statement. (National Environmental Policy Act)Real estate industryFisch, Alan M.
Developing a standard for discriminatory advertising.Real estate industryRosman, Michael E.
Foreclosure sale of real estate secured by recourse debt: tax policy after the Aizawa decision. (Aizawa v. Commissioner)Real estate industryFellows, James A., Johnson, Linda L.
Lenders find safe harbor as courts uphold Environmental Protection Agency rule limiting CERCLA liability.Real estate industrySpehr, Richard A.
Limited liability companies in real estate ventures.Real estate industryWitner, Larry, Rosenberg, Donald L.
Low-income housing tax credit basics and financing.Real estate industrySchwartz, Robert S., Lemond, Joseph M.
Phasing in the environmental site assessment business.Real estate industryBookspan, Shelley
Playing the leasing numbers game: a tenant's analysis of rent, escalation, and operating expense provisions.Real estate industryde Ganon, Victoria Eve
Reforming the residential mortgage foreclosure process.Real estate industryGoldstein, Ronald
Takings and environmental regulations. (regulatory takings and Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council)Real estate industryPayne, John M.
Tax consequences of common improvements - guidelines for the developer.Real estate industryLynch, Michael, Witner, Larry
Tax consequences of mortgage points. (I.R.S. Revenue Procedure 92-12)Real estate industryWitner, Larry, Rosenberg, Donald L.
Techniques for renegotiating or terminating a lease.Real estate industryNadel, Paul J., Comparet, Carolyn J.
The regulation of medical waste: the 1990 California Medical Waste Management Act.Real estate industryCross, Richard A.
Title insurance: the exclusion for creditors' rights after 1992.Real estate industryPalomar, Joyce
Using the environmental sensitivity map to predict regional contamination.Real estate industryBookspan, Shelley
What constitutes a defect in real property?Real estate industryMurray, Paula C.
When the smoke clears: environmental restoration in Central and Eastern Europe.Real estate industryBookspan, Shelley
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