Real Estate Review 1984 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1984
A Syndication that Converts a Condo to Rental.Real estate industryLazar, S.M.
Changing Lender Requirements for Commercial Leases.Real estate industrySwitzer, M.H.
Debunking the Mythology of Zoning.Real estate industryHarris, J.C., Moore, W.D.
Don't Expect Mortgage Rates to Fall When Short-Term Rates Fall.Real estate industryCopley, R.E.
Forecasting the Impact of Real Estate Cycles on Investments.Real estate industryPritchett, C.P.
Legal Opinion.Real estate industryHarris, R.
Office Building Developers and the Communications Explosion.Real estate industrySchell, T.H.
People and Property: Destruction Clauses Revisited.Real estate industryHalper, E.B.
Price Competition for Residential Brokerage.Real estate industryCrockett, J.H.
Professional Liability for Tax Shelter Opinions.Real estate industryApke, T.M.
Profit vs. Pleasure: Income Taxation of Vacation Home and Hobby Farms.Real estate industryKozub, R.M.
Public Auctions Can Maximize Sales Prices.Real estate industryGood, S.F., Good, S.L., Greene, G.J.
Renovating Older Buildings: The Recapture Dilemma.Real estate industryHaight, G.T., Ford, D.A.
Social Policy Eyes Pension Fund Assets.Real estate industryElebash, C.C.
Tax Shelter Topics: Estate Planning for Tax Shelter Interests.Real estate industrySmith, D.A.
The King of Syndications.Real estate industryLerman, T.A., Jarchow, S.P.
When Buyers Can Assume Low-Rate Loans.Real estate industryGrayson, M.A., Silver, M.N.
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