Software Law Journal - Abstracts

Software Law Journal
Acquiring rights in software documentation and databases. (Computer Law Symposium)LawKirchhoefer, Gregg
Admission of computer generated visual evidence: should there be clear standards?LawMenard, Vicki S.
Can liability extend to computer service repair persons outside of the remedies available within the seller's maintenance agreement? (Case Note)LawCastle, Creighton R.
Comparing apples to oranges: the need for a new media classification. (Case Note)LawSassan, Anthony J.
Copyright protection of computer software: what is it and how did we get it?LawGollhofer, Richard A.
Disablement of software risks and potential liabilities. (Computer Law Symposium)LawBenn, Marvin N., Superfine, Richard J.
Extending the new patent misuse limitation to copyright: Lasercomb America, Inc. v. Reynolds.LawTakenaka, Toshiko
Fragmented, incomplete, and discontinuous: the failure of federal privacy regulatory proposals and institutions.LawGellman, Robert M.
It's a bird, it's a plane - what is it? Understanding Customs classifications. (Case Note)LawGalligan, Diane M.
Obtaining and enforcing patents for software-related inventions: avoiding the pitfalls.LawMeyer, Stuart P.
Patent and trade secret protection of computer technology.LawSiller, Gustavo, Jr., Retsky, Jonathan E.
Prima facie obviousness: time for a "facie" lift. (justifying rejection of patent applications on prior art grounds)LawDonner, Irah H.
Promises to keep: American views of developments in Chinese copyright law.LawWojcik, Mark E., Osty, Michael J.
Recent developments in computer law. (Computer Law Symposium)LawHulbert, Bradley J.
Revocation of acceptance under the Uniform Commercial Code: an underused remedy.LawPechette, Jean Marie R.
Squeezing the square peg of digital sound sampling into the round hole of copyright law: who will pay the piper?LawBohlman, Erick J.
The EEC's Directive on software protection and its moral rights loophole.LawFakes, Arthur
The Eleventh Annual John Marshall National Moot Court Competition in Information and Privacy Law.LawSmith, Stuart, Rabel, Timothy R., Donaldson, Debra E., Hudgins, Michael D., Williams, Troy A., Solkoff, Scott M., Wadsworth, Brett
The special 301 investigation of China's software protection laws: cautious optimism leads for a successful exercise in dispute resolution.LawEib, Calvin E.
To start, press the flashing button: the legalization of video gambling devices.LawAronovitz, Cory
Upholding the disclosure requirements of 35 U.S.C. s. 112 through the submission of flow charts with computer software patent applications.LawBondi, Michael
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