Space Policy 1999 - Abstracts

Space Policy 1999
An alternative strategy process for government space activities.BusinessEilingsfeld, Fabian
An economically viable space power relay system.BusinessBoudreault, Richard, Bekey, Ivan
Better ways of getting into the space business: microeconomic reform in Australian space affairs.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessKingwell, Jeff
Brazilian launch centre goes to market.(Alcantara Launch Centre)BusinessFilho, Jose Monserrat
CEOS: its role and activities.(Committee on Earth Observation Satellites)BusinessMohr, Tillmann
Current concerns in the space insurance market.(Viewpoint)BusinessClapham, Simon D.
Earth observation data policy and Europe (EOPOLE).BusinessHarris, Ray
Earth weather and climate control: can space technology contribute?(Space and the Ocean)BusinessBauer, Peter, Seboldt, Wolfgang, Klimke, Michael
How valuable is remotely sensed information? The case of tropical deforestation modelling.BusinessBounfour, Ahmed, Lambin, Erie F.
Is US space policy for sale?((Viewpoint))BusinessGalloway, Jonathan F.
Manned platforms for oceanographic observation.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessHempsell, C.M.
North Korea's first satellite: fact and fiction.BusinessClark, Phillip
Novel approaches on cooperation by developing countries in space.BusinessZervos, Vasilis
Nowcasting the ocean state: some comments on the infrastructure needed.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessHansson, A.
Ocean governance in the 21st century: democracy, equity, and peace in the ocean. The 1998 Lisbon Declaration.Business 
Ocean observation and international cooperation.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessZaharia, Raymond
Project 2001: shaping a legal framework for the commercial use of outer space.BusinessReif, Susanne
Protecting the GEO environment: policies and practices.(geosynchronous orbital regime)BusinessJohnson, Nicholas L.
Reshaping European space activities.BusinessSchrogl, Kai-Uwe, Cheli, Simonetta
Russian and Ukranian satellites to observe the oceans.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessClark, Phillip
Russian proposals for launching satellites from the oceans.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessClark, Phillip
Russia's space program: continued turmoil.BusinessTwigg, Judyth L.
Searching for the magic bullet.BusinessAsmus, Cheryl L., Bell, Paul A.
Space as a frontier - the role of human motivation.BusinessGray, Dale M.
Switzerland and space - how a small country succeeds.(Space and the Ocean)(speech by Swiss space scientist Peter Creola)(Transcript)Business 
The activities of ocean colour remote sensing in China.(Space and the Ocean)BusinessDelu, Pan, Shujin, Li, Zhihua, Mao
The commercial challenge to Arianespace: the TCI affair.(Transpace Carriers Inc.)BusinessKrige, John
The intergovernmental agreement on the International Space Station.BusinessYakovenko, A.
The United Nations regional preparatory conferences for UNISPACE III.(Space and the Ocean)(United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space)BusinessHsieh, Mitchell M.
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