Telos - Abstracts

A harsh and hostile land: Edward Abbey's politics and the Great American desert.(Biography)Social sciencesLuke, Tim
Alan Badiou: infidelity to truth and the name of evil.Social sciencesMartinez, Timothy
Beyond the climate crisis: a critique of climate change discourse.Social sciencesCrist, Eileen
Carl Schmitt's path to Nuremberg: A sixty-year reassessment.Social sciencesBendersky, Joseph W.
Charles Taylor's identity holism: romantic expressivism as epigenetic self-realization.Social sciencesFareld, Victoria
Conspiracy theories: Szondi on Holderlin's Jacobinism.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)Social sciencesBerman, Russell A.
Contested memories: Mirella Serri's 'I Redenti'.Social sciencesBen-Ghiat, Ruth
Context, event, politics: recovering the political in the work of Jacques Derrida.Social sciencesBlair, Jonathan
Dante, Islam, and Edward Said.Social sciencesCoggeshall, Elizabeth A.
Dictatorship as the Empire's mode of governance?Social sciencesPaye, Jean-Claude
Embodied reading: on Peter Szondi's Benjamin reception.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)(Walter Benjamin)(Critical essay)Social sciencesMcFarland, James
From the Odeon to the Odeon: The experience of Roberto Rossellini from Fascism to antifascism.Social sciencesSerri, Mirella
Hostis humani generis: devils, natural right, and terror in the French revolution.(Essay)Social sciencesEdelstein, Dan
Jean Giono: From pacifism to collaboration.Social sciencesGolsan, Richard J.
Katrina and the future of New Orleans.Social sciencesBlock, Walter, Rockwell, Llewellyn H., Jr.
Law and action: reflections on Hermann Cohen and Peter Szondi's reading of Hegel in An Essay on the Tragic.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)(Critical essay)Social sciencesWogenstein, Sebastian
Minority report: approaching Peter Szondi's Holderlin Studies.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)(Critical essay)Social sciencesGold, Joshua Robert
On Avicenna.(converging with negative theology)Social sciencesBotwinick, Aryeh
On Mirella Serri, Fascist culture, and redeemed intellectuals.Social sciencesAdler, Frank
Peter Szondi: positions of a literary critic (at the border).(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)Social sciencesNagele, Rainer
Philology, knowledge.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)Social sciencesSchestag, Thomas
Redeemed intellectuals and Italian Jews.Social sciencesIsrael, Giorgio
Reflections of reading: on Paul Celan and Peter Szondi.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)Social sciencesKonig, Christoph
Romantic irony and the modern lyric: Szondi on Hofmannsthal.(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)(Hugo von Hofmannsthal)(Critical essay)Social sciencesTobias, Rochelle
Second-best life: real virtuality.Social sciencesZerszan, John
Szondi and Hegel: "the troubled relationship of literary criticism to philosophy".(Peter Szondi and Critical Hermeneutics)(Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)Social sciencesBrodsky, Claudia
The 'fourth' (second) interrogation of Carl Schmitt at Nuremberg.Social sciencesBendersky, Joseph W.
The law of 22 prairial: introduction.(Law overview)Social sciencesEdelstien, Dan
The law of 22 prairial.(justice regulations)(Law overview)Social sciences 
The redeemed: Intellectuals who gained a second life (1938-1948).Social sciencesSerri, Mirella
The Secular Islam Summit.Social sciencesBieszad, Andrew
True history.(historical works)Social sciencesFues, Wolfram Malte
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