The Accountant 1984 - Abstracts

The Accountant 1984
Accountant Annual Awards.Business 
Actuarial Concepts - A Guide for Accountants.BusinessCarne, S.
After the Budget: Personal Tax Planning.BusinessForeman, T.
A Low Tax Area - The Isle of Man: Commercial Background.BusinessSolly, M.
A Low Tax Area - the Isle of Man II: The Tax System.BusinessSolly, M.
Are Share Schemes Tax Effective?BusinessDavies, J.
ASC on CCA and Deferred Tax.BusinessWaters, R.
Auditors' Liability - Recent Developments.BusinessChandler, R.
Beyond the Spreadsheet.BusinessMoody, G.
Bridging the Gap.BusinessChandler, R.
Budget 1984 - The Unknown Factor.BusinessLawson, D.
CA 1981-1984 Planning Points.BusinessHamlyn, B.
CGT Changes and Proposals on Deep Discount Bonds.BusinessLawson, D.
CGT - Non-Resident Trusts.BusinessSandy, C.
Change in Rules on Gilt Transactions for Building Societies.BusinessGoldstein, M.
Consequential Loss Insurance.BusinessGaselee, J.
Corporate Tax Planning after the Budget.BusinessForeman, T.
Directors and the Compnay - The Tax Implications.BusinessLazda, A.
Distributing an Insolvent's Assets - Is Parri Passu Dead Language?BusinessHartigan, P.
Efficient Gifting II - Where Are the Savings?BusinessFurst, D.
Equipment Leasing - A Flexible Technique for Tax Planning.BusinessSubert, M.
Equity Futures - A Way of LIFFE.BusinessWaters, R.
Europe - the Road Ahead.BusinessBailey, R.
Export Finance Today.BusinessWaters, R.
Finding Your Way Around IBAs.BusinessFurst, S.
Focus on Currencies.Business 
Focus on Currencies.Business 
Forecasting, Budgeting, Targeting or What?BusinessHumphreys, G.
Furniss v. Dawson - Now the Dust Has Settled.BusinessLawson, D.
Furniss v. Dawson - The End of Avoidance Schemes.BusinessGoldstein, M.
Initial Reaction to TOPP.Business 
In the U.S. - Extinguishment of Debt and Competition.BusinessOwles, D.
Investing in Industrial Building after the Budget.BusinessSandy, C.
Look Again at Traded Options.BusinessLowes, R.G.
Materiality in Practice.BusinessChandler, R.
Microbusiness.BusinessNewman, C.
Microbusiness.BusinessNewman, C.
NI Arrears and the Company Director.BusinessBooth, N.D.
Ninth NAPF Survey Published.Business 
Offshore Funds - The Current Position.BusinessGoldstein, M.
Personalized Pensions - The Vested Interest.BusinessSimon, J.
Prepare for the Seventh Directive.BusinessCooke, T.
Pressure Groups' on the Budget.BusinessLawson, D.
Problems with Development Gains.Business 
Property 1983 - A Special Report.BusinessGlover, T.
Property and the Businessman - Benefits in Kind Aspects.BusinessGoldstein, M.
Revenue Loses Assessments Case.Business 
Revenue Reply on Special Offices.Business 
Routine Planning for the Company Year-End.BusinessField, B.
Some Current Accounting Problems.BusinessCox, J.
Some Thoughts on Depreciation.BusinessGlendinning, R.
SSAP 16 - ASC Please Note.BusinessMcSweeney, B.
Standardizing SSAP 10.BusinessCooke, T.E.
Suprises in the Finance Bill.BusinessForeman, T.
Tax Aspects of Woodlands Development.BusinessSandy, C.
The Art of Efficient Gifting.BusinessFurst, D.
The ASC on CCA-SSAP 16 II?Business 
The Challenges of Accounting - Does Tricker Meet Them?BusinessWard, G.
The Cost of Pension Provision for the Self-Employed.BusinessOwen, M.
The Final Gower.Business 
The Government on Cork.Business 
The Humble Telephone.Business 
The Key to Company Protection.BusinessFarmer, A.
The Profession in 1984.BusinessCorbett, V.
The Real Choice for Early Leavers.BusinessAbramson, R.
The Revenue and Furnished Holiday Lettings.BusinessGoldstein, M.
The Strasbourg Diversion.BusinessBailey, R.
Traded Options II - Hedging, Risks and Taxation.BusinessMapstone, R.A.
VAT on Services.BusinessHoskin, E.J.
What Can We Do With Six Freeports?Business 
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