The German Quarterly 2003 - Abstracts

The German Quarterly 2003
A higher language: Novalis on communion with animals.Regional focus/area studiesKuzniar, Alice
Beyond the sound of music: the quest for cultural identity in Modern Austria.Regional focus/area studiesLamb-Faffelberger, Margarete
Contemporary Romany autobiography as performance.Regional focus/area studiesGrobbel, Michaela
Die Aufzeichnung der Memoria in Thomas Manns Buddenbrooks und Der Erwahlte.Regional focus/area studiesIreton, Sean
"Eine eigentliche Durchdringung": literary and national identity, gender, and body in Rilke's "Stifter Letter" to August Sauer.Regional focus/area studiesMetz, Joseph
Exorcising the devil from Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus.Regional focus/area studiesCrawford, Karin L.
German unification: concepts of identity in poetry from the east and west.Regional focus/area studiesSager, Laura M.
Girls from good families: Tony Buddenbrook and Agathe Heidling.Regional focus/area studiesWorley, Linda Kraus
History, politics and the individual: Ingeborg Drewitz's novels Eis auf der Elbe and Gestern war heute.Regional focus/area studiesMattson, Michelle
"Lab mich sein, was ich bin": Karoline Schulze-Kummerfeld's performance of a lifetime.Regional focus/area studiesArons, Wendy
Modernist aesthetics in Joseph Roth's Radetzkymarsch: the crisis of meaning and the role of the reader.Regional focus/area studiesLandwehr, Margarete Johanna
No conceivable hope: the symbolic function of Medusa, Clio and the "Fee" in Gunter Kunert's work.Regional focus/area studiesDunne, Kerry
Nostalgia for a better Germany: Carl Zuckmayer's Des Teufels General.Regional focus/area studiesDenman, Mariatte C.
Of circles and riddles: Stefan George and the "Language Crisis" around 1990.Regional focus/area studiesStrathausen, Carsten
Plays of domination and submission in Thomas Bernhard's Ritter, Dene, Voss (1986) and Werner Schwab's Die Prasidentinnen (1990).Regional focus/area studiesHoyng, Peter
Play zones: The erotics of the New Berlin.Regional focus/area studiesGerstenberger, Katharina
Pleasures of fear: antifascist myth, holocaust, and soft dissidence in Christa Wolf's Kindheitsmuster.Regional focus/area studiesPinkert, Anke
Trading places: Dr. Mabuse and the pleasure of role play.Regional focus/area studiesHall, Sara
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