The Journal of Government Financial Management 2006 - Abstracts

The Journal of Government Financial Management 2006
2006 GASB technical plan.(Governmental Accounting Standards Board)GovernmentAttmore, Robert H.
Advancing federal financial management: Measures, systems, and Shared Service Centers: The 2006 CFO survey.(Survey)GovernmentWilliams, Clifton A.
AGA's mission supports education and research to advance government accountability.(Association of Government Accountants)Government 
An interview with Elmer Staats.(Interview)GovernmentTidrick, Donald
Assessing a state's financial condition.(Governmental Accounting Standards Board)GovernmentKamnikar, Judith A, Kamnikar, Edward G, Deal, Karen H
Back to the future of federal accounting standards-setting.(Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board)GovernmentMosso, David
Challenges in performance auditing: How a state auditor with intriguing new performance auditing authority is meeting them.GovernmentCampbell, Ralph, Jr., Raaum, Ronell B.
Charles A. Bowsher (1981-1996).(Government Accountability Office)(Interview)GovernmentTidrick, Donald
Citizen-Centric Government: AGA's mission supports promoting and advancing accountability in government.(Association of Government Accountants)GovernmentFritzler, Susan
Citizen-Centric Government case study: City of Virginia Beach, VA.GovernmentLechner, Mary
Containing health care expenditures for State and Local Government entities.GovernmentCashell, James D., Aldhizer, George R.
Corruption: Its nature, causes and effects suggestions on the way forward.GovernmentGoolsarran, Swatantra Anand
David M. Walker: Seventh Comptroller General of the United States: The conclusion to a three-part series.(Government Accountability Office )(Interview)GovernmentTidrick, Donald
FASAB-Major progress after 15 years, but still a long way to go.(Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board)GovernmentMosso, David
Financial management in government entails evaluating nonprofits: Are you ready for the next natural disaster?GovernmentWallace, Wanda A.
Getting most out of the huddle: A starting point for all*.(consideration of fraud in a financial statement audit)GovernmentHayes, Arthur A.
How does the media report on government performance?GovernmentSchiffel, Lee, Smith, Ken
Human capital: AGA takes a stand on government's human capital crisis.(Association of Government Accounts )Government 
Hurricanes, Tornadoes and other: Reporting their effect applying GASB 42.(Governmental Accounting Standards Board)GovernmentChase, Bruce W., Roybark, Helen
Implementing managerial cost accounting: A labor case study.GovernmentMok, Samuel T.
Inside the huddle.(financial statements audits)GovernmentHayes, Arthur
Meet AGA's next National President: Jeffrey S. Hart.(Association of Government Accountants)(Interview)Government 
Meeting the needs of our constituents remains the No. 1 priority of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).GovernmentAttmore, Robert H.
New initiatives driving long-term improvements in processes and technology.(United States Department of Defense)GovernmentMcGrath, Elizabeth
New leaders needed to replace retiring government managers, study warns.Government 
Next steps in addressing the federal government's high risk human capital issues.GovernmentMihm, J. Christopher
PAR--The report we love to hate.(Performance and Accountability Report )GovernmentKull, Joseph L.
Performance budgeting in China?GovernmentBreul, Jonathan D.
Performance reporting-what does it mean to AGA and you?(Academy of Government Accountability)Government 
Shortage of accountants: Is education to blame.GovernmentClevenger, Novella Noland, Clevenger, Thomas, McElroy, John E.
Sneaking a peek: How the new auditing standards on risk Assessment may affect fraud huddles.GovernmentHayes, Arthur A.
The looming crisis in governmental accounting education.GovernmentSmith, Kenneth, Schiffel, Lee
The rise and fall of the Cost Accounting Standards Board.(Agency overview)GovernmentAbel, Rein
Transformational diplomacy takes managing for results.(Agency for International Development)GovernmentKaplan, Sid L., Gordon, Alethea B.
Trends and challenges in governmental accounting education.GovernmentMiller, Gerald J.
What could be next for federal financial management?GovernmentSteinberg, Harold L.
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