WorkingUSA 1998 - Abstracts

WorkingUSA 1998
Building the rainbow.(labor-community relations)Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, David
Can unions find a strategy for labor market strength?Human resources and labor relationsAronowitz, Stanley, Cutler, Jonathan
Charlie Kernaghan: the labor activist who made Kathie Lee cry.(Kathie Lee Gifford)(Interview)Human resources and labor relations 
Dangers for European workers in the US economic model.(Statistical Data Included)Human resources and labor relationsSchmitt, John, Bernstein, Jared, Mishel, Lawrence
Dismantling the myth of the 'new' American economy.(Statistical Data Included)Human resources and labor relationsSchmitt, John, Bernstein, Jared, Mishel, Lawrence
Drug testing: does it really improve labor productivity?Human resources and labor relationsShepard, Edward, Clifton, Thomas
From the ashes of the old: labor needs a new political strategy.(excerpt from ' From The Ashes of the Old: American Labor and America's Future')(Excerpt)Human resources and labor relationsAronowitz, Stanley
How creative tactics help labor win first contracts.Human resources and labor relationsBruno, Robert, Schulz, Gordan
How labor defeated California's Proposition 226.Human resources and labor relationsGrossinger, Ken
Just transition: a new approach to jobs v. environment; the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers (OCAW) Union wants a GI bill for workers who lose jobs because of necessary environmental regulation.Human resources and labor relationsYoung, Jim
Kyoto auction: polluters should fund job adjustment benefits; coal miners and other workers will lose jobs as a result of the global warming treaty; here's a plan to cushion the blow.Human resources and labor relationsBarrett, James P.
Labor's crucial stake in the fight for immigrant rights.Human resources and labor relationsBacon, David
Labor video: organizing is the message; unions should use videos as organizing tools to bring workers together to talk, develop strategies, and take action.Human resources and labor relationsWitt, Matt, Williams, Gaye
Lessons from the victory at Phillips Van Heusen.(garment workers union)Human resources and labor relationsMoberg, David
Not just 9 to 5: the problems of nonstandard working hours.Human resources and labor relationsKahn, Peggy, Blum, Linda M.
Religion and labor: reawakening the alliance.Human resources and labor relationsBole, William
Reviving pay equity: new strategies for attacking the wage gap.Human resources and labor relationsFigart, Deborah M., Kahn, Peggy
Skilled work in an era of management-by-stress.Human resources and labor relationsParker, Mike
Still building the foundation: women in the construction trades.Human resources and labor relationsEisenberg, Susan
The merger fails - what next for education unions?(proposed merger between the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association)Human resources and labor relationsPizzigati, Sam
The new labor movement and the politics of living standards.Human resources and labor relationsKusnet, David
The road to union cities.(central labor councils)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
'TwentyFourSeven', 'The Full Monty', and 'Brassed Off' examine how Thatcherism destroyed jobs, culture, and hope.Human resources and labor relationsAufderheide, Pat
Unions and technology: manufacturing better jobs; taxpayer-funded technology centers are helping smaller manufacturing firms moderize, but unions must push to ensure workers and the community reap benefits as well.Human resources and labor relationsEwing, Linda, Friedman, Sheldon, Markell, Brad, Yudken, Joel
What does labor stand for?Human resources and labor relationsMantsios, Gregory
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