WorkingUSA 2000 - Abstracts

WorkingUSA 2000
"Battling for American Labor: Wobblies, Craft Workers, and the making of the Union Movement" by Howard Kimmeldorf.Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Beyond unions and collective bargaining.Human resources and labor relationsTroy, Leo
Black workers remember.(U.S. Labor in the Twentieth Century: A Retrospective)Human resources and labor relationsHoney, Michael
Capital rules.(Editorial)Human resources and labor relationsSharpe, M.E.
Community unionism in Baltimore and Stamford: beyond the politics of particularism.(Baltimore, Maryland)(Stamford, Connecticut)Human resources and labor relationsFine, Janice
Do American workers want unions?(editorial)(Column)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Edubusiness comes to the academy: the virtual university and the threat to academic labor.Human resources and labor relationsKriger, Thomas J., Scheuerman, William E.
Employer sanctions against immigrant workers.(Immigrant Labor)Human resources and labor relationsChishti, Muzaffar
How the Internet is changing unions.Human resources and labor relationsLee, Eric
Illinois Labor and the Return to Class Politics.Human resources and labor relationsBruno, Robert
Immigrant workers ask labor "Which side are you on?"Human resources and labor relationsBacon, David
Impasse and Implementation: how to subvert the National Labor Relations Act.Human resources and labor relationsDannin, Ellen, Wagar, Terry
Informalization: Imported through immigration or a feature of advanced economies?(Immigrant Labor)Human resources and labor relationsSassen, Saskia
Labor and Leap.(Political Coalition Expericences in Connecticut)Human resources and labor relationsSimmons, Louise
Labor and the Third-Party Route.Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, David
Labor Keeps the Democratic Party Accountable.(interview with Hilda Solis)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Labor's new frontier: temps and contingent workers.(Column)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Looking backward on labor in the United States.(U.S. Labor in the Twentieth Century: A Retrospective)Human resources and labor relationsJacoby, Dan
McCarthyism and organized labor: fifty years of lost opportunities.(U.S. Labor in the Twentieth Century: A Retrospective)Human resources and labor relationsSchrecker, Ellen
Medical doctors turn to unions: interview with Barry Liebowitz.(Interview)Human resources and labor relations 
"Never a fee!": the miracle of the post-modern temporary help and staffing agency.Human resources and labor relationsGonos, George
Organizing high-tech permatemps in the Pacific Northwest: interview with Barbara Judd.(Interview)Human resources and labor relations 
Organizing in Puerto Rico: interview with Jose La Luz.(Interview)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Public-sector workers: the new vanguard?Human resources and labor relationsDraper, Alan
Strikes: the long view from below.Human resources and labor relationsBrecher, Jeremy
The Avondale Shipyard workers union drive: an anatomy of labor organizing in the South.(New Orleans, Louisiana)Human resources and labor relationsRagen, Bill
The 'crisis' over day labor: the politics of visibility and public space.(Immigrant Labor)Human resources and labor relationsEsbenshade, Jill
The "Labor'96 Campaign".(Testing the Effect of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Political Outreach)Human resources and labor relationsEimer, Stuart, Zullo, Roland
The merit pay controversy.Human resources and labor relationsMcFadyen, Deidre
The once and future history of steady work.Human resources and labor relationsCostello, Tim
The past and future contradictions and challenges of labor leadership.(U.S. Labor in the Twentieth Century: A Retrospective)Human resources and labor relationsDubofsky, Melvyn
The retirement of the baby boomers: will they get their ham and eggs?Human resources and labor relationsMitchell, Daniel J.B.
The teamsters' overnight strike: Hoffa tested in novel labor conflict.(Teamster president James P. Hoffa)Human resources and labor relationsSlaughter, Jane
The Working Families Party Strategy in New York State.(Interview with Dan Cantor)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Undercounted and underpaid heroines: the path to equal opportunity in employment during the twentieth century.(U.S. Labor in the Twentieth Century: A Retrospective)Human resources and labor relationsColeman, Margaret S.
What is wrong with economics? And what will make it right?Human resources and labor relationsFriedman, Gerald
Winning union representation for temps: an analysis of the NLRB's M.B. Sturgis and Jeffboat Division ruling.(National Labor Relations Board)(temporary employees)(Statistical Data Included)Human resources and labor relationsMehta, Chirag, Theodore, Nik
Working Partnerships.(A New Political Strategy for Creating Living-Wage Jobs)Human resources and labor relationsBrownstein, Bob
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