World Trade and Arbitration Materials - Abstracts

World Trade and Arbitration Materials
An Arbitration under Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement between United Parcel Service of America Inc and Government of Canada.(commercial arbitration and breach of contract case)(Case overview)Law 
Bayview Irrigation District et al. (Claimants) versus United Mexican States (Respondent).(arbitration case)(Case overview)Law 
Biwater Gauff (Tanzania) Ltd. Claimant V. United Republic of Tanzania, Respondent: Procedural order.(arbitration case)(Case overview)Law 
Chile-price band system and safeguard measures relating to certain agricultural products.Law 
CMS Gas Transmission Company v. The Argentine Republic Annulment Decision, 25 September 2007.(Case overview)Law 
Comandate Marine Corp v pan Australia Shipping Pty Ltd [2006] FCAFC 192.(international arbitration case)(Law overview)(Case overview)Law 
Court decisions: New Zealand: Ishimaru Limited v. Michael Page.(Case overview)Law 
Decision on objections to jurisdictions: Total S.A Claimant v. The Argentine Republic Respondent.(breach of contract case)(Case overview)Law 
Enron Corporation and Ponderosa Assets, L.P. v. Argentine Republic Award.Law 
European communities-selected customs matters.(Report)Law 
Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide v. Republic of the Philippines Award, 16 August 2007.(Case overview)Law 
International Centre for Settlement of Iinvestment Disputes: Award.(World Duty Free Company Ltd. v The Republic of Kenya)(Case overview)Law 
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes: Award of the Tribunal.(ADC Affiliate Limited and ADC and ADMC Management. Limited v. The Republic of Hungary)(Case overview)Law 
International Centre for Settlement of investment Disputes: Decision on Liability.(LG&E v. Argentina)(Case overview)Law 
In the Matter of the Arbitration between Ioannis Kardassopoulos (Claimant) and Georgia (Respondent).(arbitration and breach of contract case)(Case overview)Law 
In the proceeding between Telenor Mobile Communications A.S. (Claimant) and The Republic of Hungary (Respondent).(breach of bilateral investment treaty case)(Case overview)Law 
Rules of arbitration and conciliation (Vienna Rules).Law 
United States laws, regulations and methodology for calculating dumping margins ("Zeroing"): report of the appellate body.(Law overview)Law 
United States-measures relating to zeroing and sunset reviews.(Law overview)Law 
Waguih Elie George Siag and Clorinda Vecchi v. The Arab Republic of Egypt decision on jurisdiction.(investment disputes )Law 
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