Photo Marketing 2000 Gary Pageau - Abstracts

Photo Marketing 2000 Gary Pageau
Booming U.S. economy drives 1999 holiday sales.BusinessGary Pageau, Jennifer Kruger
Canon Inc.BusinessGary Pageau
Chairman: George Fisher.BusinessBonnie Gretzner, Gary Pageau
Chief Marketing Officer, Consumer Imaging: Dan Palumbo.BusinessBonnie Gretzner, Gary Pageau
Digital and analog convergence evidenced in new products.BusinessGary Pageau
Digital cameras going mainstream.BusinessAlfred DeBat, Gary Pageau
Digital Film Processing technology.BusinessGary Pageau
Imaging appliances on the horizon.BusinessGary Pageau
Kodak at the crossroads.BusinessGary Pageau, Bonnie Bretzner
Kodak Chief Marketing Officer: Carl Gustin.BusinessBonnie Gretzner, Gary Pageau
Kodak, HP in joint inkjet minilab venture.BusinessGary Pageau
Mass market driving photofinishing growth.BusinessGary Pageau
President, Consumer Imaging: Bob Keegan.BusinessBonnie Gretzner, Gary Pageau
President, Digital and Applied Imaging: Willy Shih.BusinessBonnie Gretzner, Gary Pageau
President, Kodak Professional: Pat Siewert.BusinessBonnie Gretzner, Gary Pageau
Samsung uses youth tactics to gain market presence.BusinessGary Pageau
"Seeing what develops".BusinessGary Pageau opens up.BusinessGary Pageau
The end of marketing ... as we know it.BusinessGary Pageau
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