Photo Marketing 2000 Larry Thall - Abstracts

Photo Marketing 2000 Larry Thall
Adapting photofinishing to the digital environment.BusinessLarry Thall
APS: who's buying what.BusinessLarry Thall
Booming PC sales highlight need for sound recycling solutions.BusinessLarry Thall
Building success from the ground up.BusinessLarry Thall
CD-ROM/DVD from video and digital retouching from Peru.BusinessLarry Thall
Dick's Camera & Sound celebrates its 30th anniversary.BusinessLarry Thall
Digital imaging 101: file formats.BusinessLarry Thall
Enthusiasm for 35mm SLRs remains strong.BusinessLarry Thall
Entry-level digital camera sales surge.BusinessLarry Thall
Fiskars offer scrapbookers a new creative computer tool.BusinessLarry Thall
Image Associates diversifies to thrive.BusinessLarry Thall
International Home Shopping offers consumers a "free" 35mm camera.BusinessLarry Thall
La Jolla Photo & Imaging goes completely digital.BusinessLarry Thall
Microsoft's new Windows Me is game for the joystick.BusinessLarry Thall
Mystic Color Lab gets lean to increase productivity.BusinessLarry Thall
Online auctions net retailers worldwide sales.BusinessLarry Thall
Personalized photo postage stamps.BusinessLarry Thall
Photo Craft Lab helps bring Everest climber back to life.BusinessLarry Thall
Polaroid's new youth-oriented cameras energize sales.BusinessLarry Thall
Princeton Photo Network targets studio standouts.BusinessLarry Thall
Proactive ingenuity helps retailers boost one-time-use camera sales.BusinessLarry Thall
QuickBooks Pro 2000 - accounts for more than money.BusinessLarry Thall
Royalty-free images spur stock photography sales.BusinessLarry Thall
Small-business software for specialty stores.BusinessLarry Thall
Super-wide-format inkjet printers offer consistency plus versatility.BusinessLarry Thall
The Fuji Frontier digital lab anything but "mini"scule.BusinessLarry Thall
Website dealer locators.BusinessLarry Thall
Who's buying what: compact 35mm cameras.BusinessLarry Thall
Workers with disabilities represent huge potential labor pool in tight market.BusinessLarry Thall
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