Road & Track 1996 Peter Egan - Abstracts

Road & Track 1996 Peter Egan
1960 Austin-Healey Sprite: seldom in the course of human endeavor have so few dollars provided so much fun to so many.(Salon)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Car status and brand loyalty.(Side Glances)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Dad's clunkers.(used cars)(Side Glances)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Instant karma and the trickster tradition.AutomobilesPeter Egan
Letting slips the dogs of restoration.(automobile restoration)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Old caddy, big muddy. (driving trip to New Orleans, LA, in a 1963 Cadillac)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Rest homes for the 21st century.(Side Glances)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Return of the Mustang.(buying a used Ford Mustang)(Side Glances)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Road fever. (appreciation of road trips)(Side Glances)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
The devil made us do it.(coast-to-coast in a Lamborghini Diablo VT)AutomobilesPeter Egan
The hot-rodding instinct.(Side Glances)AutomobilesPeter Egan
The peg-and-hammer game. (popularity of sport-utility vehicles and minivans)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
The right tool for the job.(automobile repair, humor)(Side Glances)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
The Runoffs, 1995(32nd Sports Car Club of America Valvoline Runoffs)(About the Sport; SCCA)AutomobilesPeter Egan
The Westfields: the not-exactly-a-Lotus-Seven company will build you a SPa four or a V-8 Seight.AutomobilesPeter Egan
Thunder & twisters at Road America.AutomobilesPeter Egan
Why do we sell our cars? (car owners who sell their cars)(Column)AutomobilesPeter Egan
Young driver, old car. (personal narrative about owning a dream car)AutomobilesPeter Egan
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