Road & Track 1999 - Abstracts

Road & Track 1999
1956 Mercedes-Benz 300Sc.(Daimler-Benz AG vintage model)(Evaluation)AutomobilesKarl Ludvigsen
1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale.(automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesSam Posey
1998 Formula 1 wrapup: a two-horse race.AutomobilesRob Walker
1998 Mil Millas down Argentine way: historic Chryslers tackle 1000 miles of Argentina.AutomobilesMartin Swig
2000 Audi TT coupe.(Guide to the Audi)(Evaluation)Automobiles 
2000 Lincoln LS.(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt de Lorenzo
A gentleman's guide to staring at Le Mans.(1999 automobile race in Le Mans, Sarthe, France)AutomobilesTed West
Alfa Romeo 156 automatic stick shift: an F355 F1 for everyman.(First Drive)(Product Information)(Evaluation)Automobiles 
Aston Martin DBR1.(personal narrative about a racing automobile)AutomobilesPhil Hill
Aston's amazing 600-horsepower flier.(Aston Martin's Vantage V600 automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesIan Noris
Differential braking.AutomobilesPeter Wright
Ford SVT F-150 Lightning.(First Drive)(Product Information)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJames Hope
Formula 1: an odd beginning in the Land of Oz.(About the Sport)AutomobilesAdam Cooper
Formula 1: in the footsteps of Senna.(About the Sport)(Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello)AutomobilesAdam Cooper
Formula 1: Mika Hakkinen, world champion.(About the Sport)(race car driver)AutomobilesAlan Henry
High-tech parts and torque talk.AutomobilesTom Wilson
Horace's private collection.(UK auto enthusiast Horace Albertson)AutomobilesJohn Webber
How Mad Max was born: Massimiliano Papis is ready to win.(race car driver)AutomobilesBob Judd
Humpy wheeler.(Speedway Motorsports President Howard A. Wheeler)(Interview)Automobiles 
Lancia Stratos: the mighty maverick from Turin.(race car)AutomobilesKarl Ludvigsen
Magical history tour.(Guide to the Audi)(Audi TT Coupe 1.8 T)Automobiles 
Olivier Gendebien, 1924-1998.(race car driver)(Obituary)AutomobilesPhil Hill, Paul Frere
Racing into the future.AutomobilesPeter Wright
Round-trip ticket.(Guide to the Audi)(assembly-line production of the Audi TT Coupe 1.8 T)Automobiles 
Sports cars Americana: short-lived but significant.(vintage sports cars)AutomobilesMichael Lamm
Tales of two privateers.(former race car drivers and motor racing team owners Ken Tyrrell and RRC Walker)Automobiles 
The concept: blending race-car heritage with forward vision.(Guide to the Audi)(Audi TT Coupe 1.8 T)Automobiles 
The final round.(CART FedEx National Championship automobile race)AutomobilesBob Judd
The future.(Guide to the Audi)(Audi TT Coupe 1.8 T automobile)Automobiles 
The shape.(Guide to the Audi)(design of the Audi TT Coupe 1.8 T)Automobiles 
Those flying Finns.(Fia World Rally)AutomobilesAndrew Bornshop
Toyota Altezza.Automobiles 
TT tech: what technologies make the TT tick?(Guide to the Audi)(Audi TT Coupe 1.8 T)Automobiles 
Volkswagen new Beetle 1.8T GLS.(automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJim Hall
Who's fine in '99?: rating the drivers on the front of this year's Formula 1 grid.AutomobilesRob Walker
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