Utne Reader 1998 - Abstracts

Utne Reader 1998
Accumulation by design.(a graphic designer's Brooklyn apartment)General interestAlexandra Ringe
A question of perspective.(reminiscing the future with old age)General interestSusan Griffin
Caught in the crossfire: will the war on reproductive rights ever end?General interestCynthia Gorney
Confessions of a health food junkie.(includes related article on organic foods)General interestSteven Bratman
Counter culture: how one Alaskan fishing community is saving the salmon.General interestBill McKibben
Crackdown on kids. (juvenile delinquency)General interestLeoro Broydo
Culture shock in Kathmandu.(Nepal)General interestSushma Joshi
Disordered brilliance: we can curb the dark side of genius, but should we?General interestClifford Pickover
Drag net: from glen to glenda and back again ... is it possible? (gender roles in cyberspace)General interestSherry Turkle
Extrasensory etiquette.(intuition)General interestBelleruth Naparstek
Food fight.(analysis of government's organic standards for agricultural products)(Column)General interestJon Entine
Girl picnic.(excerpt from "A Girl's Guide to Taking Over the World")General interestElissa Nelson
God in a labcoat: can we control the biotech revolution before it controls us?General interestJeremy Rifkin
Gourmet love: aphrodisiacs are the bridge between gluttony and lust.General interestIsabel Allende
Heart without a country.General interestLuc Sante
Heavy metal garden: how a field of weeds can cleanse a toxic land.(Column)General interestAmy Adams
Heckling Ted Hughes: a young writer pays awkward tribute to her literary heroes.General interestLeslie Brody
Hot potato wisdom: tips from my straight-shooting grandma, Lillie Lulkin.(attitudes towards relationships, grief, and marriage)General interestAlice Hoffman
How I got my DIY degree ... at the University of Planet Earth.(do-it-yourself)General interestWilliam Upski Wimsatt
How poems happen: and why, like dust bunnies, they're easy to sweep away.General interestBarbara Kingsolver
How to score a great pot.(securing genuine marijuana)General interestEvan Keliher
Immaculate conception?: the Catholic Church is waging a stealth campaign to control your body.General interestMelanie Conklin
Inside skinhead. (interview with a former neo-Nazi on his experience as a racist)General interest 
Iron turkey: how I found my manhood in the Texas wild. (wilderness adventure)General interestRay Isle
Ishmael Reed. (author)(Interview)General interestNedia Diet
Jim Hightower.("Chat & Chew" talk show host)(Interview)General interestHelen Cordes
Justice life.(formation of the International Criminal Court)General interestDavid Rieff
Land of illusions: if you want to see how free-market gurus envision our future, look at Chile today.General interestMarc Cooper
Land of ire: embracing the shadow of the Emerald Isle.(appreciation of Ireland's people and culture)General interestAndrea Munro
Leonard Koan.(rock artist Leonard Cohen)General interestPico Iyer
Let's go eco (or maybe not): what it really takes to be a sustainable tourist.General interestSusan Wheat
Media-junkie paradise.(alternative press libraries)General interestChris Dodge
Meet Dr. Hair: he reveals the roots of mop psychology. (hair pundit Steven Zdatny)General interestLiesl Schillinger
Mr. Gotti's neighborhood.(living in a neighborhood of mobsters)General interestAlec Wilkinson
My poems are my children: why I'll never have a baby.(an author's aversion towards marriage)General interestRachel Wetzsteon
My son, the militarist: for two people so different, life is an uncertain truce.General interestJanet Burroway
Now hear this: shhhhhhhhhh: are we turning a deaf ear to noise pollution?General interestJeannette Batz
Ocean solitaire.(analysis of fishing and its effect on the environment)General interestBill McKibben
"Only girls wear barrettes:" on the playground, mom and dad don't count. Kids rule. (gender identity in children)General interestJudith Rich Harris
On the wings of an eagle.(resignation of "Utne Reader's" editor)(Editorial)General interestHugh Delehanty
Poly sex for beginners.(polygamous relations)General interestElizabeth Larsen
Pomosexual pioneer: what good is theory when you're not getting laid? (lesbian behavior)General interestKatherine Raymond
Raiders of the lost art: in Italy, robbing tombs is a cottage industry.(Interview)General interestGiovanni Lattanzi
Rock en Espanol.(Latin American rock group Mana)General interestKeith Goetzman
Romancing the Net: big media is creating a monster that will someday swallow it whole.(advertising on the Internet)General interestRandall Rothenberg
Saving place: these writers helped a city find its soul. (Spartanburg, South Carolina)(includes related article)General interestBetsy Wakefield Teter, Rosa Shand
Show us the money: how to use the biggest windfall in history to build a society that makes sense. (democratic foundations as a tool for social justice and wealth distribution)General interestMark Dowie
Snacks for brainiacs.(cognition enhancement foods)General interestElizabeth Somer
Still life in the absinthe: the tripple of choice for fin-de-siecle decadents tempts a new generation.(Column)General interestJohn Moore
Swoosh! (The Perfect Icon for an Imperfect Postliterate World). (Nike's Swoosh image)General interestRead Mercer Schuchardt
Take that, advice Nazis: the antidote for women's mag-itis.General interestSusan Jane Gilman
Terminal irony: escaping the Seinfeld perplex.General interestJedediah Purdy
The $100 Christmas.(budget holiday shopping tips)General interestBruce Strachan
The art of genius: eight ways to think like Einstein.General interestMichael Michelko
The Codex conspiracy. (United Nation's Codex Alimentarius Commission aims to protect the interests of big drug firms)General interestNathaniel Mead
The curse of literacy. (imbalance of power between men and women)General interestLeonard Shlain
The Derriere Garde.(the emergence of natural classicism)General interestJohn Michael Cummings
The digital amazon. (profile on Digital Amazon founder Stephanie Brail)General interestLeslie Gornstein
The divine revolution: lifting the Iron Curtain of the spirit.General interestVaclav Havel
The eagle dies on Friday: want to fix Social Security? Cut the payroll tax.General interestDavid Brauer
The endangered herbs. (international market for medicinal herbs may cause their extinction)General interestNathaniel Mead
The gender blur: where does biology end and society take over?General interestDeborah Blum
The gray flannel soul: the absurdity of seeking God on the job.(relation between employment and religion)(Column)General interestMartha Nichols
The green power hustle.(deregulation of the power industry)General interestJon Entine
The handmade solution.(the role of the local crafts industry in economic development)General interestCraig Cox
The hermit king.(a brief encounter with a monk named Monk Sava)General interestChristopher Hope
The Hollywood experiment.(LSD experiments on celebrities)General interestJohn Whalen
The human factor.General interestWater Truett Anderson
The incredible shrinking liberal media.(political leanings of journalists)General interest 
The joy of danger: finding a life flirting with death.General interestSebastian Junger
The killer mosquitos: just in time for summer - malaria is headed north.General interestMinna Morse
The last abortion: how science could silence the debate.General interestElinor Burkett
The laws of power: bootlicking, double-dealing, back-stabbing, ass-kissing, and 44 other ways to find fulfillment.General interestRobert Greene, Joost Elffers
The misery merchants.General interestCraig Cox
The mulatto millennium: where will a former black girl fit?General interestDanzy Senna
The multicultural mistake.(the difficulty of defining cultural differences)General interestKwame Anthony Appiah
The New Dixie Manifesto.(asserting rights and recognition of Southern States)General interestDiane Roberts
The new eco moooovement: despite its foul reputation, cattle grazing could help save the American prairie.General interestElaine Robbins
The New Irish uprising. (rising popularity of Irish music)General interestKeith Goetzman
The nose of love.(the role of the sense of smell in mate selection)General interestElizabeth Larsen
The one-watt wonder.(Stephen Dunifer and his microbroadcasting movement)General interestWill Hermes
The possessed: in the midst of Indonesia's turmoil, ethnic warriors unleash the gruesome magic of their ancestors. (includes related article)General interestJay Walljasper, Richard Lloyd Parry
The real Japan.(vacationing in Japan)General interestMeredith McKinney
The secret life of hogs.(a philosophical look at swine)(excerpt from "The Hog Book")General interestWilliam Hedgepeth
The secret that wasn't: coming out to Dad was almost too simple. (insights into the experience of coming out with one's gay inclinations)General interestDaniel Drennan
The source of real power. (principles of the book Tao Te Ching)General interestJames A. Autry, Stephen Mitchell
The stoned age: in which Carlos Castaneda meets Timothy Leary and tunes out. (authors)General interestMargaret Runyan Castaneda
The stuff of life: do you own it or does it own you?(consumerism and materialism)General interestBruce Strachan
The way of the hypocrite: how to make adultery work - for all of us.(Column)General interestMiriam Karmel Feldman
The world of waking dreams.(includes related article on orthodox anthropology)General interestMichael Brennan
The zapping of America.(health risk of telecommunication transmitters)General interestKevin Davis
Totally x'ed out: what's really happening to the generation on the edge? (Generation X members' role in the economy)General interestJoshua Glenn
To work is human, to slack divine: why the best jobs are mindless.General interestHal Niedviecki
Unbearable darkness? (Why Negative Emotions Are Good for You)General interestMiriam Karmel Feldman
Unmasking the Unabomber.(interview with David Kaczynski wife, Linda Patrick)(Interview)General interestEllen Becker, Tom McPheeters
Up close and transpersonal with Ken Wilber.General interestMark Matousek
Waiting for Amelia: could the beloved aviatrix still be alive.(Amelia Earhart and her influence on people)General interestLaura Wexler
Why I write: six acclaimed writers reveal their primal, intimate, and sometimes mercenary motives for putting pen to paper.(excerpt from "Why I Write")General interestElizabeth Gilbert, Pat Conroy, Mark Jacobson, Barry Hannah, Mary Gaitskill, Jayne Anne Phillips
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