Vanity Fair 1996 - Abstracts

Vanity Fair 1996
A grand old rivalry.(auction houses Sotheby's and Christie's)General interestRobert Lacey
America agonistes.(unhappiness in the US; excerpt from 'The Day Before Yesterday')General interestMichael Elliott
A mother's tale.(suicide of heiress's son, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper)General interestGloria Vanderbilt
Anatomy of a champion.(Olympic athletes)(Cover Story)General interestDavid Halberstam
An unorthodox death.(Jewish businessman David Reichmann)General interestBryan Burrough
Being Kubrick. (Stanley Kubrick's impersonator, Alan Conway)General interestMartin Short
Blonde goddess or bust: Pamela Lee surfs the tidal wave to immortality.(actress Pamela Anderson Lee)General interestJulie Burchill
Bosnia's ground zero.(Bosnian Serb death camps)General interestPeter Maass
Caged heat. (Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage)(Cover Story)General interestCathy Horyn
Dark mirror: the Kennedy-Nixon friendship.(John F. Kennedy; Richard M. Nixon; excerpt from book 'Kennedy and Nixon')General interestChristopher Matthews
Day of the jackals.(former Clinton adviser Dick Morris)General interestMarjorie Williams
Death by design.(death of fashion model Wallis Franken Montana)General interestMaureen Orth
Desperately leaking Susan. (friend and adviser to first lady Hillary Clinton)General interestJacob Weisberg
Dior's couture d'etat.(fashion designer Christian Dior)General interestLaura Jacobs
Endless youth. (scientific breakthroughs in the study of aging)General interestGail Sheehy
France's gilt complex.(social and economic aspects of France)General interestAndrew Neil
Garden State babylon.(New Jersey celebrities)General interestTed Kamp
Gridiron greats: Vanity Fair's 1996 Ivy League all-star team.General interestNed Zeman, Peggy Sirota
Havanas in Camelot. (the late president Kennedy's love of fine cuban cigars)General interestWilliam Styron
Heroine chic.(film 'The Portrait of a Lady')General interestHoward Feinstein
Hollywood '37.General interestBruce McCall
Hollywood power and glamour: the 1996 portfolio. (features portfolio and photographs)(Cover Story)General interestHerb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz, Matthew Rolston, James Hamilton, Helmut Newton, Firooz Zahedi, David LaChapelle, Eika Aoshima, Jonathan Becker, Michel Comte, David Seidner, Albert Watson
Hollywood princess.(Alicia Silverstone)(Cover Story)(Interview)General interestMatt Tyrnauer
Howard's end. (Howard Hughes)(excerpt from "Howard Hughes: The Untold Story," 1996)General interestPeter Harry Brown, Pat H. Broeske
Innocents abroad. (life of American soldiers in Bosnia)General interestHarry Benson
Late-night sweats.(Jay Leno and David Letterman)General interestLloyd Grove
Lone star.(actor Matthew McConaughey)(Cover Story)(Interview)General interestKevin Sessums
Lord of the ring.('The Fights,' book about boxing by 'Daily News' photographer Charles Hoff)General interestGay Talese
Madonna's private diaries.(Cover Story)General interestMadonna
McNamara's shadow: for 10 agonizing years, Paul Hendrickson struggled with his definitive study of Robert McNamara. 'The Living and the Dead,' due out this month, reveals the full duplicity - and humanity - of the architect of Vietnam.General interestDAvid Halberstam
Merchant of Venice. (motion picture producer, Roger Corman)General interestHenry Alford
MoMA's boy.(Museum of Modern Art; Jasper Johns)(Interview)General interestEdmund White
Murdoch and me.(media mogul Rupert Murdoch; excerpt from 'Full Disclosure')General interestAndrew Neil
Never look back.(actress Emma Thompson)(Interview)(Cover Story)General interestKevin Sessums
Not your average Joe. (Joe Eszterhas)General interestMaureen Orth
Oh, what a lovely war.(World War II; Pamela Harriman)General interestSally Bedell Smith
O lucky man. (excerpt from Peter Duchin's memoir 'Ghost of a Chance')General interestPeter Duchin
Playing Jane.(Jane Austen)General interestLaura Jacobs
Presumed guilty.(attorney and novelist Scott Turow's defense of convicted murderer in appeal case)General interestM.A. Farber
Roger and me.(Roger Straus, founder of publishing company Farrar, Straus and Giroux)General interestTom Wolfe
Sharon's back in town.(actress Sharon Stone)(Cover Story)(Interview)General interestLloyd Grove
Splendor in the crass.(Cannes Film Festival)General interestDavid Kamp, Helmut Newton
The battle hymn of the New Republic.(new magazine editor Michael Kelly succeeds Andrew Sullivan)General interestMarjorie Williams
The birth of punk. (excerpt from the book 'Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk')General interestLegs McNeil, Gillian McCain
The doomsday man. (televangelist politician Pat Robertson)General interestLaura Parker, William Prochnau
The gold diggers. (excerpt from 'Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood')General interestKim Masters, Nancy Griffin
The gripes of Roth.(former wife of novelist Philip Roth; excerpt from 'Leaving a Doll's House')General interestClaire Bloom
The Last Emperor. (former MCA Motion Picture Group CEO Lew Wasserman)General interestDominick Dunne
The mouse trap.(Walt Disney Co Pres Michael Ovitz)General interestBryan Burrough, Kim Masters
The Murrow brigade. (Edward R. Murrow)(excerpt from 'The Murrow Boys: Pioneers on the Front Lines of Broadcasting Journalism')General interestStanley Cloud, Lynne Olson
The mystery of Madame Gres.(fashion designer Alix Gres)General interestCathy Horyn
The new establishment 1996. (information age)(top 50 leaders)General interest 
The predator.(billionaire Kirk Kerkorian)General interestCharles Fleming
The quiet American.(Bill Bradley)General interestDavid Halberstam
The unstoppable Peggy Siegal.(publicist)(Interview)General interestEd Klein
Three faces of evil. (aftermath of the O.J. Simpson and Menendez brothers murder trials)General interestDominick Dunne
Timothy Leary. (famed leader of the 1960s counter-culture revolution)(Interview)General interest 
Tommy boy.(Sony Music Entertainment Chmn Tommy Mottola)(Interview)General interestRobert Samanson
True lies VI: a campaign season of political insincerity.General interestBruce Feirstein
Valley of the Doles.(Bob and Elizabeth Dole)General interestGail Sheehy
Vanity Fair's 1996 hall of fame.(celebrity photographs and humorous poetry)General interestHerb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz, David Kamp, Robert Risko
Vesco's last gamble.(fugitive financier Robert Vesco)General interestAnn Louise Bardach
When Richard met Bruce and Joel. (Richard Grant's diary accounts of his encounters with "Hudson Hawk" actor, Bruce Willis and producer, Joel Silver)General interest 
Young love.(John and Jacqueline Kennedy)General interestEdward Klein
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