Administrative Law Review 1999 - Abstracts

Administrative Law Review 1999
A balanced approach to judicial review under the Regulatory Flexibility Act.(Case Note)LawGoldberg-Cahn, Michelle
A case for regulating cyberpayments.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawHughes, Sarah Jane
Behind the veil where the action is: private policy making and American health care.(Recent Developments Health Care Symposium)LawKinney, Eleanor D.
Bending the rules: flexible regulation and constraints on agency discretion.(administrative agencies)LawSeidenfeld, Mark
Corporate communications without violations.(Recent Developments: Securities and Exchange Commission)LawUnger, Laura Simone
Debating the future of the Independent Counsel statute.(Panel: The Independent Counsel Statute)LawSargentich, Thomas O.
Developing provider-sponsored organization solvency standards through negotiated rulemaking.(Recent Developments Health Care Symposium)LawSpivey, Michael O., Micklos, Jeffrey G.
Double jeopardy and the civil monetary penalties dilemma: is Hudson the cure for health care fraud and abuse?(Hudson v. United States)LawApisson, Elizabeth M.
Doubts about direct final rulemaking.(federal administrative agencies)LawNoah, Lars
Early returns from government regulation of electronic commerce: what's new is what's old.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawHarper, James W., Gekas, George W.
Equal Access to Justice Act Amendments of 1996: a new avenue for recovering fees from the government.(attorney fees)LawKramer, Judith E.
Expediting the drug approval process: an analysis of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997.LawParver, Deborah G.
Full and fair resolution of whistleblower issues: the Hanford Joint Council for resolving employee concerns, a pilot ADR approach.(Hanford Joint Council for Resolving Employee Concerns)(Symposium: Whistleblower Protection)LawBrock, Jonathan
Governing Medicare.(Recent Developments Health Care Symposium)LawJost, Timothy Stoltzfus
Government intervention on the Internet: should the Federal Trade Commission regulate unsolicited e-mail advertising?(Case Note)LawKappel, Jennifer M.
Herbal garden of good and evil: the ongoing struggles of dietary supplement regulation.LawSloane, Lauren J.
Holding decision makers liable: assessing liability under a managed health care system.(Recent Developments Health Care Symposium)LawParver, Corrine P., Martinez, Kimberly Alyson
Independent Counsel law improvements for the next five years.(Panel: The Independent Counsel Statute)LawBarrett, John Q.
Interim rules: making haste slowly.(Interim-Final rules in Federal administrative practice)(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawAsimow, Michael
International administrative law for the Internet: mechanisms of accountability.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawPerritt, Henry H., Jr.
It's a small world after all: the SEC's role in securities regulation globalization.(Recent Developments: Securities and Exchange Commission)LawHunt, Isaac C., Jr.
Minority economic development and investments: trends and challenges in the African American community.LawWallace, Perry E.
More on direct final rulemaking: streamlining, not corner-cutting.(response to Lars Noah, Administrative Law Review, vol. 51, p. 401, 1999.)LawLevin, Ronald M.
Narrowing parent corporation liability under CERCLA for the twenty-first century.(Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980)(Case Note)LawYeo, Eric L.
Plain talk about on-line investing.(Recent Developments: Securities and Exchange Commission)LawLevitt, Arthur, Jr.
Regulatory supervision by the Securities and Exchange Commission: examinations in a disclosure-enforcement agency.(Recent Developments: Securities and Exchange Commission)LawWalsh, John H.
Reliance on government advice to preclude criminal enforcement actions under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.(Recent Developments Health Care Symposium)LawSimon, Justin D., Trulove, Jodi
Report of the Task Force on Federal Judicial Selection of Citizens for Independent Courts.(Transcript)LawSargentich, Thomas O.
SEC cease-and-desist orders.(Recent Developments: Securities and Exchange Commission)LawSmith, Andrew M.
SEC enforcement proceediings: strategic considerations for when the agency comes calling.(Recent Developments: Securities and Exchange Commission)LawFerrara, Ralph C., Khinda, Philip S.
Standing in the Supreme Court and circuits: October term 1997.LawFunk, William
State whistleblower statutes and the future of whistleblower protection.(Symposium: Whistleblower Protection)LawVaughn, Robert G.
The end of judicial deference to FCC policymaking in the affirmative action debate.(Case Note)LawZehner, Zachary A.
The hedgehog and the fox: distinguishing public and private approaches to managing risk for Internet transactions.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawWinn, Jane Kaufman
The Independent Counsel statute: what went wrong?(Panel: The Independent Counsel Statute)LawStrauss, David A.
The intersection of federal health information privacy and state administrative law: the protection of individual health data and workers' compensation.(Recent Developments Health Care Symposium)LawHodge, James G., Jr.
The National Association of Securities Dealers should possess authority to issue temporary-cease-and-desist orders.LawParkinson, James T.
The regulatory response to the new world of cybersecurities.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawRice, Denis T.
The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989: foundation for the modern law of employment dissent.(Symposium: Whistleblower Protection)LawDevine, Thomas M.
The year in judicial review, 1997-1998.LawLevin, Ronald M.
Upholding the SEC's ability to impose sanctions in addition to those of the NASD.(National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.)(Case Note)LawFinger, Shelley A.
Whatever happened to congressional review of agency rulemaking? A brief overview, assessment, and proposal for reform.LawRosenberg, Morton
Y2K: a pothole on the information super highway to electronic banking.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Regulation of Electronic Commerce)LawKroener, William F., III, Patrick, Robert A.
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