Administrative Law Review 2000 - Abstracts

Administrative Law Review 2000
A comparative analysis of administrative and adjudicative systems for determining asylum claims.(Federal Agency Focus: Immigration and Naturalization Service)LawBillings, Peter W.
"A complicated and indirect encroachment": Is the Federal Election Commission unconstitutionally composed?(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Federal Election Commission)LawRaskin, Jamin B.
Administrative informality in Japan: governmental activities outside statutory authorization.(Informality in Administrative Law: A Transnational Colloquy)LawNakagawa, Takehisa
American-Arab - getting the balance wrong - again?(Federal Agency Focus: Immigration and Naturalization Service)LawScanlan, John A.
America's two-party system: friend or foe?(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Two-Party System)LawDulio, David A., Thurber, James A.
A new look at deportation as punishment: why at least some of the Constitution's criminal procedure protections must apply.(Federal Agency Focus: Immigration and Naturalization Service)LawPauw, Robert
A taxonomy of federal agency rules.LawAnthony, Robert A.
Campaign contribution limits: pandering to public fears about "big money" and protecting incumbents.(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Campaign Finance)LawLa Pierre, D. Bruce
Copyright protection in the new millennium: amending the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to prevent constitutional challenges.LawJiles, Jeanane Marie
Current issues involving the defense of congressional and administrative agency programs.(Federal Agency Focus: Department of Justice)LawHirt, Theodore C.
Distinguishing legislative rules from interpretative rules.LawPierce, Richard J., Jr.
Established by practice: the theory and operation of independent federal agencies.LawBreger, Marshall J., Edles, Gary J.
Executive Branch legal interpretation: a perspective from the Office of Legal Counsel.(Federal Agency Focus: Department of Justice)LawMoss, Randolph D.
"Expertness for what?" the Gould years at the NLRB and the irrepressible myth of the "independent" agency.(William B. Gould IV)LawFlynn, Joan
Federal agency ombuds: the costs, benefits, and countenance of confidentiality.LawKrent, Harold J.
Federal Tort Claims Act administrative claims: better than third-party ADR for resolving federal tort claims.(Federal Agency Focus: Department of Justice)LawAxelrad, Jeffrey
How changes in the Federal Register can help improve regulatory accountability.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Privatization)LawHahn, Robert W.
Introduction.(Federal Agency Focus: Immigration and Naturalization Service)LawLubbers, Jeffrey S.
Introduction.(Telecommunications Symposium)LawBaynes, Leonard M.
Is the Telecommunications Act of 1996 working?(Telecommunications Symposium)LawGlover, Michael, Epps, Donna
Judicial review of INS adjudication: when may the agency make sudden changes in policy and apply its decisions retroactively?(Federal Agency Focus: Immigration and Naturalization Service)LawBecker, David H.E.
Money talks: in defense of common-sense approach to judicial review of campaign contribution limits.(Missouri)(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Campaign Finance)LawNixon, Jeremiah W., Maguffee , Paul R.
Negotiating competition.(Telecommunications Symposium)LawFreedman, Lawrence R., Davis, Richard L.
Obstacles to effective enforcement of the Federal Election Campaign Act.(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Federal Election Commission)LawThomas, Scott E., Bowman, Jeffrey H.
Open access or forced access: Should the FCC impose open access on cable-based Internet service providers?LawShih, Daniel
Paradoxes of racial stereotypes, diversity and past discrimination in establishing affirmative action in FCC broadcast licensing.(Telecommunications Symposium)LawBaynes, Leonard M.
Private parties, public functions and the new administrative law.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Privatization)LawFreeman, Jody
Public purpose and private service: the twentieth century culture of contracting out and the evolving law if diffused sovereignty.(Annual Regulation of Business Focus: Privatization)LawGuttman, Daniel
Pull the plug.(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Two-Party System)LawRogers, Joel
Regulating commercial remote sensing satellites over Israel: a black hole in the open skies doctrine.LawHanley, Colleen
Telecommunications in the twenty-first century: global perspectives on community and diaspora among Netcitizens.(Telecommunications Symposium)LawPlasencia, Madeleine Mercedes
The choice between formal and infomal modes of administrative regulation.(Informality in Administrative Law: A Transnational Colloquy)LawRakoff, Todd D.
The consequences of DOJ control of litigation on agencies' programs.(Federal Agency Focus: Department of Justice)LawHerz, Michael, Devins, Neal
The Department of Justice and the explosion of Freedom of Information Act litigation.(Federal Agency Focus: Department of Justice)LawSaloschin, Robert L.
The enforcement blues: formal and informal sanctions for campaign finance violations.(Symposium: Regulation of Politics; Federal Election Commission)LawLochner, Todd, Cain, Bruce E.
The government's litigator: taking clients seriously.(Federal Agency Focus: Department of Justice)LawStern, Mark B., Klein, Alisa B.
The hedge-to-arrive controversy: conflicting outcomes in administrative and judicial proceedings.(grain futures)LawBarone, Christina A.
The inherent limits on judicial control of agency discretion: the D.C. Circuit and the nondelegation doctrine.LawPierce, Richard J., Jr.
The liberalization of Article III standing: the Supreme Court's ill-considered endorsement of citizen suits.(Case Note)LawLarza, Stephen
The NLRB's (slowly) developing Beck jurisprudence: defending a right in a politicized agency.LawWoldow, Brian J.
Tribute to the Honorable Patricia M. Wald.(includes three testimonials)LawEdwards, Harry T., Bernstein, Jodie, Verkuil, Paul R.
U.S. West, Inc. v. FCC: exposing the deficiencies in government attempts to protect customer privacy.LawKelley, Brian A.
Voluntary regulatory compliance in theory and practice: the case of OSHA.LawShapiro, Sidney A., Rabinowitz, Randy
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