Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics - Abstracts

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics
Application of ecological indicators.Environmental issuesNiemi, Gerald J., McDonald, Michael E.
Are diseases increasing in the ocean?Environmental issuesLafferty, Kevin D., Porter, James W., Ford, Susan E.
Avian extinctions from tropical and subtropical forests.Environmental issuesSodhi, Navjot S., Liow, L.H., Bazzaz, F.A.
Biodiversity and litter decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems.Environmental issuesScheu, Stefan, Hattenschwiler, Stephan, Tiunov, Alexei V.
Biodiversity-ecosystem function research: Is it relevant to conservation?Environmental issuesSrivastava, Diane S., Vellend, Mark
Bird song: The interface of evolution and mechanism.Environmental issuesPodos, Jeffrey, Huber, Sarah K., Taft, Benjamin
Birth-death models in macroevolution.(Report)Environmental issuesNee, Sean
Carbon-nitrogen interactions in terrestrial ecosystems in response to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide.(Report)Environmental issuesReich, Peter B., Yiqi Luo, Hungate, Bruce A.
Consequences of the cretaceous/paleogene mass extinction for marine ecosystems.Environmental issuesD'Hondt, Steven
Corridors for conservation: Integrating pattern and process.(Report)Environmental issuesBoyce, Mark S., St. Clair, Colleen Cassady, Chetkiewicz, Cheryl-Lesley B.
Ecological and evolutionary consequences of multispecies plant-animal interactions.Environmental issuesIrwin, Rebecca E., Strauss, Sharon Y.
Ecological effects of invasive arthropod generalist predators.(Report)Environmental issuesSnyder, William E., Evans, Edwards W.
Ecological effects of transgenic crops and the escape of transgenes into wild populations.Environmental issuesPilson, Diana, Prendeville, Holly R.
Ecological impacts of deer overabundance.Environmental issuesCote, Steeve D., Rooney, Thomas P., Tremblay, Jean-Pierre, Dussault, Christian
Ecological responses to habitat edges: Mechanisms, models, and variability explained.Environmental issuesRies, Leslie, Fletcher, Robert J., Jr., Battin, James, Sisk, Thomas D.
Ecology and evolution of aphid-ant interactions.Environmental issuesStadler, Bernhard, Dixon, Anthony F.G.
Ecology of woodland herbs in temperate deciduous forests.Environmental issuesWhigham, Dennis F.
Evolutionary biology of animal cognition.Environmental issuesDukas, Reuven
Evolutionary causes and consequences of immunopathology.Environmental issuesRead, Andrew F., Graham, Andrea L., Allen, Judith E.
Evolutionary ecology of plant adaptation to serpentine soils.Environmental issuesBrady, Kristy U., Kruckeberg, Arthur R., Bradshaw, H. D., Jr.
Evolutionary history of Poales.Environmental issuesLinder, H. Peter, Rudall, Paula J.
Evolutionary trajectories and biogeochemical impacts of marine eukaryotic phytoplankton.Environmental issuesKnoll, Andrew H., Falkowski, Paul G., Finkel, Zoe V., Katz, Miriam E., Grzebyk, Daniel
Evolving the psychological mechanisms for cooperation.Environmental issuesHauser, Marc D., Stevens, Jeffrey R., Cushman, Fiery A.
Experimental methods for measuring gene interactions.(Report)Environmental issuesWade, Michael J., Demuth, Jeffery P.
Genetic polymorphism in heterogeneous environments: The age of genomics.(Report)Environmental issuesHedrick, Philip W.
Has vicariance or dispersal been the predominant biogeographic force in Madagascar? Only time will tell.(Report)Environmental issuesYoder, Anne D., Nowak, Michael D.
Incorporating molecular evolution into phylogenetic analysis, and a new compilation of conserved polymerase chain reaction primers for animal mitochondrial DNA.(Report)Environmental issuesStewart, James B., Simon, Chris, Buckley, Thomas R., Frati, Francesco, Beckenbach, Andrew T.
Indirect interaction webs: Herbivore-induced effects through trait change in plants.Environmental issuesOhgushi, Takayuki
Individual - based modeling of ecological and evolutionary processes.Environmental issuesDeAngelis, Donald L., Mooij, Wolf M.
Innate immunity, environmental drivers, and disease ecology of marine and freshwater invertebrates.(Report)Environmental issuesJones, Laura E., Mydlarz, Laura D., Harvell, Drew C.
Insects on plants: Diversity of herbivore assemblages revisited.Environmental issuesLewinsohn, Thomas M., Novotny, Vojtech, Basset, Yves
Introduction of non-native oysters: Ecosystem effects and restoration implications.Environmental issuesRuesink, Jennifer L., Byers, James E., Lenihan, Hunter S., Kay, Matthew C., Trimble, Alan C., Heiman, Kimberly W., Micheli, Fiorenza
Landscape ecology: What is the state of the science?Environmental issuesTurner, Monica G.
Landscapes and riverscapes: The influence of land use on stream ecosystems.Environmental issuesAllan, J. David
Late Quaternary extinctions: State of the debate.(Report)Environmental issuesBarnosky, Anthony D., Koch, Paul L.
Life-history evolution in reptiles.Environmental issuesShine, Richard
Limits to the adaptive potential of small populations.(Report)Environmental issuesHoffmann, Ary A., Willi, Yvonne, Buskirk, Josh Van
Living on the edge of two changing worlds: Forecasting the responses of rocky intertidal ecosystems to climate change.(Report)Environmental issuesHelmuth, Brian, Mieszkowska, Nova, Moore, Pippa, Hawkins, Stephen J.
Long-term stasis in ecological assemblages: Evidence from the fossil record.Environmental issuesDiMichele, W.A., Behrensmeyer, A.K., Olszewski, T.D., Labandeira, C.C., Pandolfi, J. M., Bobe, R., Wing, S. L.
Measurement of interaction strength in nature.Environmental issuesWootton, J. Timothy, Emmerson, Mark
Model selection in phylogenetics.Environmental issuesSullivan, Jack, Joyce, Paul
Mutualisms and aquatic community structure: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.Environmental issuesCaudill, Christopher C., Hay, Mark E., Parker, John D., Burkepile, Deron E., Wilson, Alan E., Chequer, Alexander D., Hallinan, Zachary P.
Niche conservatism: Integrating evolution, ecology, and conservation biology.Environmental issuesGraham, Catherine H., Wiens, John J.
On the ecological roles of salamanders.Environmental issuesDavic, Robert D., Welsh, Hartwell H., Jr.
Operational criteria for delimiting species.Environmental issuesSites, Jack W., Jr., Marshall, Jonathan C.
Phylogenomics.Environmental issuesPhilippe, Herve, Delsuc, Frederic, Brinkmann, Henner, Lartillot, Nicolas
Pollen limitation of plant reproduction: Pattern and process.Environmental issuesJohnston, Mark O., Burd, Martin, Campbell, Diane R., Dudash, Michele R., Knight, Tiffany M., Steets, Janette A., Vamosi, Jana C., Mazer, Susan J., Mitchell, Randall J., Ashman, Tia-Lynn
Pollination syndromes and floral specialization.Environmental issuesFenster, Charles B., Wilson, Paul, Thomson, James D., Armbruster, W. Scott, Dudash, Michele R.
Predator-induced phenotypic plasticity in organisms with complex life histories.Environmental issuesBenard, Michael F.
Regime shifts, resilience, and biodiversity in ecosystem management.Environmental issuesFolke, Carl, Elmqvist, Thomas, Scheffer, Marten, Carpenter, Steve, Walker, Brian, Holling, C. S., Gunderson, Lance
Resource exchange in the rhizosphere: Molecular tools and the microbial perspective.(Report)Environmental issuesCardon, Zoe G., Gage, Daniel J.
Some evolutionary consequences of being a tree.(Report)Environmental issuesPetit, Remy J., Hampe, Arndt
Spatial synchrony in population dynamics.Environmental issuesKoenig, Walter D., Liebhold, Andrew, Bjornstad, Ottar N.
The development, physiological, neural, and genetical causes and consequences of frequency-dependent selection in the wild.(Report)Environmental issuesSinervo, Barry, Calsbeek, Ryan
The evolutionary ecology of gynogenesis.Environmental issuesSchlupp, Ingo
The evolutionary ecology of novel plant-pathogen interactions.Environmental issuesParker, Ingrid M., Gilbert, Gregory S.
The evolutionary enigma of mixed mating systems in plants: Occurrence, theoretical explanations, and empirical evidence.Environmental issuesKalisz, Susan, Goodwillie, Carol, Eckert, Christopher, G.
The evolution of agriculture in insects.Environmental issuesGerardo, Nicole M., Mueller, Ulrich G., Aanen, Duur K., Six, Diana L., Schultz, Ted R.
The evolution of genetic architecture.(Report)Environmental issuesHansen, Thomas F.
The evolution of polyandry: Sperm competition, sperm selection, and offspring viability.Environmental issuesSimmons, Leigh W.
The functional significance of ribosomal (r) DNA variation: Impacts on the evolutionary ecology of organisms.Environmental issuesMarkow, Therese A., Mateos, Mariana, Weider, Lawrence J., Elser, James J., Crease, Teresa J., Cotner, James B.
The genetics and evolution of fluctuating asymmetry.Environmental issuesKlingenberg, Christian Peter, Leamy, Larry J.
The influence of plant secondary metabolites on the nutritional ecology of herbivorous terrestrial vertebrates.Environmental issuesFoley, William J., Dearing, M. Denise, McLean, Stuart
The major histocompatibility complex, sexual selection, and mate choice.(Report)Environmental issuesMilinski, Manfred
The new bioniformatics: Integrating ecological data from the gene to the biosphere.(Report)Environmental issuesReichman, O.J., Jones, Matthew B., Schildbauer, Mark P., Bowers, Shawn
The new view of animal phylogeny.Environmental issuesHalanych, Kenneth M.
The population biology of large brown seaweeds: Ecological Consequences of multiphase life histories in dynamic coastal environments.(Report)Environmental issuesSchiel, David R., Foster, Michael S.
The population biology of mitochondrial DNA and its phylogenetic implications.Environmental issuesRand, David M., Ballard, J. William O.
The posterior and the prior in Bayesian phylogenetics.(Report)Environmental issuesAlfaro, Michael E., Holder, Mark T.
The role of hybridization in the evolution of reef corals.(Report)Environmental issuesMiller, David J., Ayre, David J., Willis, Bette L., Van Oppen, Madeleine J.H., Vollmer, Steve V.
The Southwest Australian Floristic Region: Evolution and conservation of a global hot spot of biodiversity.Environmental issuesHopper, Stephen D., Gioia, Paul
Unifying and testing models of sexual selection.(Report)Environmental issuesJennions, Michael D., Brooks, Robert, Kokko, Hanna
Vertebrate dispersal of seed plants through time.Environmental issuesTiffney, Bruce H.
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