Bell Journal of Economics - Abstracts

Bell Journal of Economics
Advertising and Oligopolistic Equilibrium.Business, generalFriedman, J.W.
A Study of Carter Stability: The Joint Executive Committee, 1880-1886.Business, generalPorter, R.H.
Collusion and the Incentives for Information Sharing.Business, generalClarke, R.N.
Contracting in an Idiosyncratic Market.Business, generalRiordan, M.H.
Effects of Government R&D on Private R&D Investment and Productivity.Business, generalLevy, D.M., Terleckyj, N.E.
Equilibrium Fluctuations When Price and Delivery Lag Clear the Market.Business, generalCarlton, D.W.
Industrial Electricity Demand and the Hopkinson Rate: An Application of the Extreme Value DISTR.Business, generalVeall, M.R.
Joint Bidding, Information pooling, and the Performance of Petroleum Lease Auctions.Business, generalDebrock, L.M., Smith, J.L.
Judo Economics: Capacity Limitation and Coupon Limitation.Business, generalGelman, J.R., Salop, S.C.
Learning-by-Doing and Market Performance.Business, generalFudenberg, D., Tirole, J.
Long-Term Contracts and Moral Hazard.Business, generalLambert, R.A.
Optimal Insurance Policy Idemnity Schedules.Business, generalHuberman, G., Mayers, D., Smith, C.W.Jr.
Optimal Pricing of Experience Goods.Business, generalShapiro, C.
Optimal Regulation of a Multiproduct Monopoly with Unknown Technological Capabilities.Business, generalSappington, D.
Products Liability, Consumer Misperceptions, and Market Power.Business, generalRogerson, W.P., Polinsky, A.M.
Provider Insurance.Business, generalManove, M.
Quality and Quantity Competition.Business, generalGalor, E.
Quantity Precommitments and Bertrand's Competition Yield Cournot Outcomes.Business, generalKreps, D.M., Scheinkman, J.A.
Reputation and Product Quality.Business, generalRogerson, W.P.
Risk Attitudes in the Telecommunications Industry.Business, generalLaughhunn, D.J., Crum, R.C., Payne, J.W.
Strategic Behavior in Suit, Settlement, and Trial.Business, generalPng, I.P.L.
The Determinants of Network Television Program Prices: Implicit Contracts, Regulation, and Bargaining Power.Business, generalWoodbury, J.R., Besen, S.M., Fournier, G.M.
The Economic Role of the Nonprofit Firm.Business, generalEasley, D., O'Hara, M.
The Internal Organization of the Firm and the Shape of Average Costs.Business, generalKeren, M., Levhari, D.
The Market Mechanism as an Incentive Scheme.Business, generalHart, O.D.
The Rate of Return Regulated Firm: Cost and Production Quality.Business, generalFare, R., Logan, J.
Two-Part Tariffs and Monopoly Profits When Visits Are Variable.Business, generalPhillips, O.R., Battalio, R.C.
Wages and Employment with Firm-Specific Seniority.Business, generalIoannides, Y.M., Pissarides, C.A.
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