Biological Reviews 2003 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 2003
Animal color vision u behavioral tests and physiological concepts.Biological sciencesKelber, Almut, Vorobyev, Misha, Osorio, Daniel
A sigmoidal transcriptional response: cooperativity, synergy and dosage effects.Biological sciencesVeitia, Reiner A.
At the feet of the dinosaurs: the early history and radiation of lizards.Biological sciencesEvans, Susan E.
Chloride ATPase pumps in nature: do they exist?.Biological sciencesGerencser, George A., Zhang, Jianliang
Climatic variability and the evolution of insect freeze tolerance.Biological sciencesChown, Steven L., Sinclair, Brent J., Addo-Bediako, A.
Darwinian aesthetics: sexual selection and the biology of beauty.Biological sciencesThornhill, Randy, Moller, Anders P., Grammer, Karl, Fink, Benhard
Descent with modification: the unity underlying homology and homoplasy as seen through an analysis of development and evolution..Biological sciencesHall, Brian K.
Early tetrapod relationships revisited.Biological sciencesCoates, Michael I., Ruta, Marcello, Quicke, Donald L. J.
Eat and run? The hunger/satiation hypothesis in vertical migration: history, evidence and consequences.Biological sciencesPearre, Sifford Jr.
Formation of dermal skeletal and dental tissues in fish: a comparative and evolutionary approach.Biological sciencesSire, Jean-Yves, Huysseune, Ann
Identification, measurement and interpretation of tree rings in woody species from mediterranean climates.Biological sciencesCherubini, Paolo, Gartner, Barbara L., Tognetti, Roberto, Braker, Otto U., Schoch, Werner; Innes, John L.
Mammal invaders on islands: impact, control and control impact.Biological sciencesCourchamp, Franck, Chapuis, Jean- Louis, Pascal, Michel
Parasitic exploitation as an engine of diversity.Biological sciencesMorris, Jan, Summers, Kyle, McKeon, Sea, Sellars, Jon, Keusenkothen, Mark, Gloeckner, David, Pressley, Corey, Price, Blake, Snow, Holly
Potential mechanisms of avian sex manipulation.(research of maternal hormones of birds)Biological sciencesPetrie, Marion, Pike, Thomas W.
Quantitative steps in symbiogenesis and the evolution of homeostasis.Biological sciencesKooijman, S.A.L.M., Auger, P., Poggiale, J.C., Kooi, B.W
Review of the ultrastructure of the nematode body cuticle and its phylogenetic interpretation.Biological sciencesBackeljau, Thierry, Deraemer, Wifrida, Karanastasi, Eirini, Brown, Derek
The fundamental processes in ecology: a thought experiment in extraterrestrial biospheres.Biological sciencesWilkinson, David M.
The radiation of the Cape flora, southern Africa.Biological sciencesLinder, H. P.
The use of multiple cues in mate choice.Biological sciencesCandolin, Ulrika
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