Biological Reviews 2007 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 2007
A critical review of adaptive genetic variation in Atlantic salmon: implication for conservation.Biological sciencesQuinn, T.P., Ferguson, A., C.Garcia de Leaniz, Jordan, W.C., Consuegra, S., Aubin-Horth N., Lajus, D., Fleming, I. A., Einum, S., Verspoor, E., Letcher, B.H., Vollestad, L.A., Villanueva, B., Youngson, A.F., Webb, J.H.
Amphibian teeth: Current knowledge, unanswered questions, and some directions for future research.Biological sciencesSire, Jean-Yves, Davit-Beal, Tiphaine, Chisaka, Hideki, Delgado, Sidney
A review of the relationships between human population density and biodiversity.Biological sciencesLuck, Gary W.
Colored nectar: Distribution, ecology, and evolution of an enigmatic floral trait.Biological sciencesMuller, Christine B., Johnson, Steven D., Olesen, Jens M., Hansen, Dennis M., Mione, Thomas
Conceptual bases for quantifying the role of the environment on gene evolution: the participation of positive selection and neutral evolution.Biological sciencesMilinkovitch, Michel C., Levasseur, Anthony, Danchin, Etienne G.J., Orlando, Ludovic, Bailly, Xavier, Pontarotti, Pierre
Ecological correlates of body size in relation to cell size and cell number: patterns in flies, fish, fruits and foliage.Biological sciencesArendt, Jeff
Effect size, confidence interval and statistical significance: a practical guide for biologists.Biological sciencesCuthill, Innes C., Nakagawa, Shinichi
Integrating animal temperament within ecology and evolution.Biological sciencesReader, Simon M., Reale, Denis, Sol, Daniel, Mcdougall, Peter, T., Dingemanse, NielsJ.
Parasite recruitment and oceanographic regime: evidence suggesting a relationship on a global scale.Biological sciencesGuerra, Angel, Gonzalez, Angel F., Pascual, Santiago
Paternal kin discrimination: the evidence and likely mechanisms.Biological sciencesWiddig, Anja
Petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in boreal forest soils: a mycorrhizal ecosystems perspective.Biological sciencesRobertson, Susan J., Massicotte, Hugues B., William B. McGill
Quantitative steps in the evolution of metabolic organization as specified by the Dynamic Energy Budget theory.Biological sciencesKooijman, S.A.L.M., Troost, T.A.
Spider sex pheromones: Emission, reception, structures, and functions.Biological sciencesGaskett, A.C.
The anuran Bauplan: A review of the adaptive, developmental, and genetic underpinnings of frog and tadpole morphology.Biological sciencesWassersug, Richard J., Handrigan, Gregory R.
The evolution of asymmetric genitalia in spiders and insects.Biological sciencesSchmitt, Michael, Huber, Bernhard, Sinclair, Bradley J.
The role of chemical communication in mate choice.Biological sciencesJohansson, Bjorn G., Jones, Theresa, Jones M.
The role of frugivorous bats in tropical forest succession.Biological sciencesFleming, Theodore H., Muscarella, Robert
The thrifty phenotype as an adaptive maternal effect.Biological sciencesWells, Jonathan C.K.
Unstable dynamics and population limitation in mountain hares.Biological sciencesThirgood, Simon, Newey, Scott, Dahl, Fredrick, Willebrand, Tomas
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