China Economic Review - Abstracts

China Economic Review
A better quality of life. (Shanghai's growing prosperity)Business, international 
Agencies win little credit.Business, international 
A guide to negotiating.Business, international 
An acquisitive strategy. (review of China Evergright's bold strategy)Business, international 
An engine for growth? (Three Gorges dam construction project)Business, international 
A new cultural revolution. (Beijing, China)Business, international 
An eye on the market. (market research in China less entrenched in domestic firms)Business, international 
An interactive approach. (business schools)Business, international 
A poor track record. (China's railways)Business, international 
A sporting chance. (sports federations in China cut from state funding)Business, international 
A tale of two cities. (Tianjin, China old center and new development need to merge; includes related article or port ranking)Business, international 
A toe in the water. (foreign investors encouraged to open representative office)Business, international 
A tropical retreat. (Hainan Island, China)Business, international 
Banking on a change. (Chinese government reacts to Asian financial crisis)Business, international 
Building for the future. (Price Waterhouse investment in China)Business, international 
Bumper grain headache.(China's grain subsidy policy)Business, international 
Buyers bite back.Business, international 
Capital crisis. (China's difficulties raising international capital)Business, international 
Caught in the net.(Chinese Internet regulations)Business, internationalWong, KL
Cellular bridges the gap. (cellular phone usage in China keeps growing)Business, international 
Centre of attention. (Nanjing, Jiangsu)Business, international 
China opens its doors.Business, international 
Club-land comes to China. (private club proliferate in China)Business, international 
Competitive pressures. (Asian economic crisis impacts travel industry)Business, international 
Cut-rate calling. (alternative calling proceedures lower international telephone rates in China)Business, international 
Developers count the cost. (office and apartment supply in Shanghai, China)Business, international 
Don't count out the pager.Business, international 
Exporters feel the pinch. (Chinese Premier pledges not to devalue yuan; includes article on trade data)Business, international 
Facing up the facts.Business, international 
Factoring in the furniture.Business, international 
Fast track to growth. (rail and road construction in Yunnan, China source of wealth; includes related story on Robert Trent Jones and Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses in Spring City)Business, international 
Fifth time lucky? (interest rate cuts in China)Business, international 
German centre shifts east. (German companies establishing presence in Shanghai; includes related articles on Wacker Chemicals East Asia, Integrata AG)Business, international 
Gitic hopes dashed.(reimbursing foreign loans to failed Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation; China)Business, international 
Going for growth.(economic development)Business, international 
Hard landing. (land use issues in China)Business, international 
Henkel thinks local. (Henkel's growing business operations in China)Business, international 
High-tech ambitions. (Xian, Shaanxi, China, center for scientific and technological development)Business, international 
In case of emergency. (international emergency assistance companies)Business, international 
Information overload. (Ministry of Information Industry, China)Business, international 
In search of a strategy. (China's B-share market performance in continued decline)Business, international 
In search of transparency. (arbitration)Business, international 
In-store incentives. (China's competitive retail market; includes related story on disposable income for consumer good purchase)Business, international 
Keeping up appearances. (product packaging in China)Business, international 
Licensed to trade. (Shanghai, China)Business, internationalCorne, Peter
Life under a new body.(Chinese insurance industry under the Insurance Regulatory Commission)Business, international 
Living with your landlord. (real estate market in China)Business, international 
Lower rests, better service. (residential rental property in Beijing or Shanghai; includes table on location of international schools)Business, international 
Major mining partners. (foreign investment firms helping China exploit mineral reserves)Business, international 
Ministry reshuffle.Business, international 
Missing components. (automotive sector in China experiences difficulties)Business, international 
More quality, less quantity. (proliferation of television stations causing problems in China)Business, internationalGreen, Andrew
Municipal sell-off. (Chongqing, China desperate to sell state enterprises)Business, international 
Natural advantage. (Hainan's economic potential lies in natural resources; includes related story on rubber production)Business, international 
New import exemptions. (China introduces exemptions from custom duties and value added tax)Business, international 
New patent draft pending. (trademark protection, enforcement of intellectual property rights in China)Business, international 
New prices for old.(economic reform)Business, international 
New spirit of co-operation. (British firm aid China in reform of state enterprises)Business, international 
Older and wiser. (European company managers reconsider approach in China)Business, international 
PBOC takes action. (The People's Bank of China)Business, international 
Plugged in for power.Business, international 
Prescription for success? (indian pharmaceutical companies bring technology to Chinese partners)Business, international 
Progress - at a price.(economic opportunity and social problems in Chongqing, China)(includes related articles on quality of life and travel information )Business, international 
Quest for modernisation.Business, international 
Real estate opportunities. (Beijing, China)Business, international 
Realism sets in at Yangpu. (development zone on Hainan Island, China)Business, international 
Reform despite downturn.Business, international 
Reluctant partners. (Macau's relationship with border city Zhuhai)Business, international 
Riding out the storm. (regional crisis in Shenzhen, China)Business, international 
Russian nuclear fusion. (Russian nuclear technology transfer to China)(Cover Story)Business, international 
Save our state firms. (foreign investors look for stake in China's state owned enterprises)Business, international 
Secondary education. (international educational options for wealthy Chinese)Business, international 
Secrets and laws. (business secrets hard to keep in China)Business, international 
Service with a smile. (China's airlines seek market share through customer service)Business, international 
Servicing the after-market. (new car sales slow in China so focus turns to after-sales service)Business, international 
Serving the cyber masses.Business, international 
Shenyang up for sale.Business, internationalWheatley, Jonathan
Shenzhen stays ahead. (small economic zones in Guangdong pose competitive threat to Shenzhen, China)Business, international 
Still waiting for a law.Business, international 
Struggle for independence. (China Securities Regulatory Commission)Business, international 
Surviving the floods.Business, international 
The future is in the post. (direct mailing ban in China) (includes related article)Business, international 
The great outdoors. (outdoor advertising in China)Business, internationalGreen, Andrew
The mighty hunters. (executive recruiting in China)Business, international 
The name of the game. (Chinese companies see importance of brand recognition)Business, international 
The people's premier. (profile of Zhu Rongji, premier of China)Business, internationalGreen, Andrew
The price of prudence.Business, internationalTsoi, Alan
The star attraction. (hotels in China)Business, international 
The tourist trap. (promoting Xian, China's tourist and business industry)Business, international 
To boldly quit. (strategies for foreign investors breaking with Chinese partners)Business, international 
Too early yet to invest? (reform of state enterpirses to impact Chinese economy)Business, internationalLie, David
Too much of a gamble. (Macau promotes offshore services and tourism to reduce dependence on casino revenues; includes related article on international motor racing scene, real estate development)Business, international 
Unified pensions planned.(China)Business, international 
Vulnerable to a downturn. (food retailers in China)Business, international 
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