Contemporary Sociology 2000 - Abstracts

Contemporary Sociology 2000
Advances in the microfoundations of sociology: recent developments and new challenges for social psychology.Sociology and social workCook, Karen S.
Age structure and social structure.Sociology and social workGordon, Charles C., Longino, Charles E. Jr
Analyzing social inequality in the twenty-first century: globalization and modernity restructure inequality.Sociology and social workWalby, Sylvia
An organizational analysis of organizational theory.(Charting Futures for Sociology: Social Organization)Sociology and social workPerrow, Charles
Charting futures for sociology: inequality mechanisms, intersections, and global change.Sociology and social workSchwalbe, Michael
Charting futures for sociology: sociology and world market society.Sociology and social workConnell, R.W.
Collins's Fighting Words.(review article of 'Fighting Words' by Patricia Hill Collins)Sociology and social workHarding, Sandra
Creating a caring society.Sociology and social workGlenn, Evelyn Nakano
Creating a just and democratic workplace: More engagement, less hierarchy.Sociology and social workRothschild, Joyce
Creating good communities and good societies.Sociology and social workEtzioni, Amitai
Creating sexual pleasure and sexual justice in the twenty-first century.Sociology and social workSchwartz, Pepper
Doing anti-racism: Toward an egalitarian American society.Sociology and social workJohnson, Jacqueline, Rush, Sharon, Feagin, Joe
Economic sociology in the new millennium.(Charting Futures for Sociology: Social Organisation)Sociology and social workCarruthers, Bruce G., Uzzi, Brian
Ending hunger in developing countries.Sociology and social workButtel, Frederick H.
Enhancing mental health services delivery for diverse populations.Sociology and social workTakeuchi, David T., Kim, Katherine Flower
Envisioning a 'Third Way': The welfare state in the twenty-first century.Sociology and social workMyles, John, Quadagno, Jill
Envisioning the integration of family and work: Toward a kinder, gentler workplace.Sociology and social workGlass, Jennifer
Fighting marginalization with transnational networks: Counter-hegemonic globalization.Sociology and social workEvans, Peter
Fostering a justice-based health care system.Sociology and social workLight, Donald W.
Hot movements, cold cognition: thinking about social movements in gendered frames.(Charting Futures for Sociology: Social Organization)Sociology and social workFerree, Myra Marx, Merrill, David A.
Identity politics or grounded theory: revisiting black feminist ideas.(review article of 'Fighting Words' by Patricia Hill Collins)Sociology and social workGilkes, Cheryl Townsend
Inequality in social capital.Sociology and social workLin, Nan
Limiting inequality through interaction: The end(s) of gender.Sociology and social workRidgeway, Cecilia L., Correll, Shelley J.
Making corporate and criminal American less violent: Public norms and structural reforms.Sociology and social workHagan, John, Foster, Holly
Minimizing workplace gender and racial bias.Sociology and social workBielby, William T.
Mobilizing for change in a social movement society.Sociology and social workTaylor, Verta
Preventing genocide.Sociology and social workOberschall, Anthony
Reducing income and wealth inequality: Real utopian proposals.Sociology and social workWright, Erik Olin
Reflections on social movement theory: criticisms and proposals.(Charting Futures for Sociology: Social Organisation)Sociology and social workMorris, Aldon
Reflections on the future of sociology.Sociology and social workAbbott, Andrew
Relational studies of inequality.Sociology and social workTilly, Charles
Resisting homelessess: Global, national, and local solutions.Sociology and social workWright, Talmadge
Resolving family dilemmas and conflicts: Beyond utopia.Sociology and social workGerson, Kathleen
Retooling for the next century: sober methods for studying the subconscious.Sociology and social workStinchcombe, Arthur L., Heimer, Carol A.
Schooling for democracy: Toward a critical utopianism.Sociology and social workFischman, Gustavo E., McLaren, Peter
Simplicity, uncertainty, and the power of generative theories.(future direction of sociology)Sociology and social workSmith-Lovin, Lynn
Space matters! Spatial inequality in future sociology.Sociology and social workTickamyer, Ann R.
Teaching low-income children to read at grade level.Sociology and social workFarkas, George
The family as a social organization: key ideas for the twenty-first century.(Charting Futures for Sociology: Social Organization)Sociology and social workWaite, Linda J.
The future of organizational sociology: forging ties among paradigms.(Charting Futures for Sociology: Social Organization)Sociology and social workHaveman, Heather A.
The future of sociology is teaching? A vision of the possible.Sociology and social workAtkinson, Maxine P.
The proximate causes of employment discrimination.Sociology and social workReskin, Barbara F.
The purification of sociology.(history of ideas in sociology)Sociology and social workBlack, Donald
Toward a sociology of the network society.(social change, new technology, and sociology)Sociology and social workCastells, Manuel
What should sociology look like in the (near) future?Sociology and social workBecker, Howard S.
Where should sociologists be heading?Sociology and social workWallerstein, Immanuel
"Your blues ain't like my blues": race, ethnicity, and social inequality in America.Sociology and social workAllen, Walter R., Chung, Angie Y.
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