Current 1996 - Abstracts

Current 1996
After the Soviet empire: civil society in democratizing states.EducationPehe, Jiri
Alienated voters: are the media to blame?EducationHarwood, Richard
American foreign policy: the future of a contradiction. (reprinted from 'The National Interest,' Spring 1996)EducationTucker, Robert W.
American leadership and world security: new opportunities.EducationBrzezinski, Zbigniew
American power: a guide for the perplexed. (reprinted from 'Commentary,' April 1996)EducationKagan, Robert
America's defense budget: our overstuffed armed forces.EducationKorb, Lawrence J.
Asia, a civilization in the making.EducationYamazaki, Masakazu
Boomers and their parents: similarities and differences. (baby boomers)EducationMitchell, Susan
Both judge and party: why Congressional ethics committees are unethical.EducationThompson, Dennis F.
"But first, a word from our sponsor." (advertising's influence on society)EducationTwitchell, James B.
Churchill's realism. ("Iron Curtain" speech)EducationWarren, Spencer
Civil is not good enough. (civil society)EducationBeem, Christopher
Culture and international relations.EducationMazarr, Michael J.
Democracy and armed forces: reforming civil-military relations.EducationHuntington, Samuel P.
Democracy and despotism: bipolarism renewed?EducationKaratnycky, Adrian
Dissing the middle class.EducationBeauchamp, Gorman
Drug legalization: time for a real debate. (reprinted from 'The Brookings Review,' Spring 1996)EducationStares, Paul B.
Elusive harmony: South Asia's half-century of independence.EducationWolpert, Stanley
Freedom of speech. (excerpts from 'Freedom of Speech: Is America at High Tide' published in The American Enterprise)EducationWest, Thomas G.
Future wars: conflicts after the Cold War.EducationNye, Joseph S., Jr.
Greater China: the ties that don't bind.EducationCrane, George T.
Improving the judicial system: unlocking the jury box.EducationAmar, Akhil Reed, Amar, Vikram David
Isolationism: the know-nothings know something.EducationRosner, Jeremy D.
Its own reward. (Stephen L. Carter's book 'Integrity')EducationLomasky, Loren E.
Just war theory and high tech: virtual war.EducationBacevich, A.J.
Limiting racial gerrymandering: the future of black representation.EducationSwain, Carol M.
Media and democracy: hand in hand? (mass media)EducationBogart, Leo
Microsecurity: disease organisms and human well-being.EducationPirages, Dennis
Middle class income: rising income in the future.EducationKacapyr, Elia
My search for Douglas MacArthur. (reprinted from 'American Heritage,' February-March 1996)(flaws in general's documentary records)EducationPerret, Geoffrey
No discharge from that war. (Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975)EducationMcDougall, Walter A.
Order more rocking chairs? The baby boom turns 50.EducationRussell, Cheryl
Our enemy, the state?EducationLuckas, John
Our Times... and mine. (Mark Sullivan's book on popular history)EducationRather, Dan
Pacific insecurity: emerging threats to stability in East Asia.EducationPollack, Jonathan D.
Saving education: the public schools' last hurrah?EducationShenk, Joshua Wolf
Science misapplied: the eugenics age revisited.EducationAllen, Garland E.
Second reading: treating the Second Amendment as normal constitutional law. (right to keep and bear arms)(reprinted from 'Reason,' March 1996)EducationPolsby, Daniel D.
Silences.EducationSizer, Theodore R.
Sins of admission: education and affirmative action.EducationWilson, James Q.
Somalia: lessons from a humanitarian intervention.EducationHerbst, Jeffrey, Clarke, Walter
Terrorism: looking to the future.EducationLaqueur, Walter
The benefits of marriage.EducationFlanders, Steven
The booby trap.EducationVendler, Helen Hennessey
The search for positive diplomacy: redefining foreign policy.EducationMaynes, Charles William
The state of humanity: steadily improving.EducationSimon, Julian L.
The stealth revolution. (reprinted from 'The New Republic,' January 22, 1996)EducationKull, Andrew
The twilight of science.EducationHorgan, John
The Vietnam War and American society: aftermyths of the antiwar movement.EducationGarfinkle, Adam
The vindication of American anti-communism.EducationRusher, William A.
'The West': religious or secular? (Western society)EducationGress, David R.
Trust: social capital and the global economy.EducationFukuyama, Francis
We have a new world order: the myth of post-cold war chaos.EducationIkenberry, G. John
What main street can learn from malls. (retail marketing trends)EducationLagerfeld, Steven
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