De Economist 1992 - Abstracts

De Economist 1992
A model of rural-urban conflict in developing countries.EconomicsLensink, Robert
An empirical analysis of university choice and earnings.EconomicsGroot, Wim, Oosterbeek, Hessel, Hartog, Joop
Diplomatic barriers to trade.EconomicsBergeijk, Peter A.G. van
Financing government spending in the Netherlands: an analysis from Ricardianperspective.EconomicsBroeder, C. den, Winder, C.C.A.
Fiscal stabilisation and monetary integration in Europe: a short-run analysis.EconomicsPloeg, Frederick van der
From Phillips curve to wage curve. (inflation and unemployment)EconomicsGraafland, J.J.
Industrial clusters and the competitiveness of the Netherlands: empirical results and conceptual issues.EconomicsJacobs, Dany, Jong, Mark W. de
Interdisciplinary economics.EconomicsSiegers, Jacques J.
Job tenure in the Dutch economy. (job security)EconomicsKerchkhoffs, C.C.J.M.C., Wolfs, G.L.M.
Mode of payment in household expenditures.EconomicsMot, E.S., Cramer, J.S.
On the demographic realism of the Ricardian theory of public finance.EconomicsDalen, Henrik P. van
On the theory of international financial intermediation.EconomicsScholtens, Lambertus J.R.
Policies for economic growth.EconomicsSolow, Robert M.
Price-cost margins in Dutch manufacturing: effects of concentration, business cycle and international trade. (Industry Overview)EconomicsPrince, Y.M., Thurik,A.R.
Reconstructing growth theory: a survey.EconomicsKlundert, Theo van de, Smulders, Sjak
The distribution of seigniorage in the Netherlands.EconomicsEwijk, Casper van, Scholtens, Lambertus J.R.
The magnitude and determinants of capital flight the case for six Sub-Saharan African countries.EconomicsLensink, Robert, Hermes, Niels
The optimal economic order: the simplest model. (Opmerkingen en Aantekeningen - Communications)EconomicsTinbergen, J.
Theories of competition and market performance: multimarket competition and the source of potential entry.EconomicsWitteloostuijn, Arjen van
The principles of privatization in Eastern Europe.EconomicsKornai, Janos
The productivity of the Dutch labour market in matching unemployment and vacancies: a comment. (includes reply) (Opmerkingen en Aantekeningen - Communications)EconomicsBorghans, Lex
The reasoning of a great methodologist: Mark Blaug on the nature of Paretianwelfare economics.EconomicsHennipman, P.
Trade uncertainty and the two-step procedure: the choice of numeraire and exact indexation.EconomicsMarrewijk, Charles van
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