Denver Journal of International Law and Policy - Abstracts

Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Africa and the international law of the sea.Political science 
A study of the philosophy of international law as seen in the works of Latin American writers.Political scienceSutton, Leonard v.B.
British extradition law and procedure: vol. 1.Political science 
Building the future order.Political science 
Business in Japan.Political science 
China and the law of the sea, air, and environment.Political science 
Copyright law in the Soviet Union.Political science 
Courts: a comparative and political analysis.Political science 
Enterprise law of the 80's.Political scienceHoagland, Donald W.
European protection of human rights.Political science 
Export trade: 7th ed.Political science 
Extraterritorial antitrust.Political science 
Hague-Zagreb essays: vol. 3.Political science 
Human rights and world public order.Political scienceShepherd, George W.
International business transactions in a nutshell.Political science 
International control of marine pollution.Political science 
International energy policy.Political science 
International estate planning.Political science 
International handbook on comparative business law.Political science 
International ocean shipping.Political scienceGoss, R.O.
International payments with special regard to monetary systems.Political science 
International tax avoidance.Political science 
International trade practice.Political science 
Mining ventures in developing counties.Political science 
Money and monetary policy in interdependent nations.Political science 
Multinational enterprises in the West and East.Political scienceBrown, Jeffrey L.
Principles of public international law: 3d ed.Political science 
Settlement of space law disputes.Political science 
Space shuttle and the law.Political science 
The international law and policy of human welfare.Political scienceNanda, Ved P.
The law of transnational business transactions.Political science 
The law of transnational business transactions.Political scienceSussman, Peter M.
The sogo shosha.Political science 
The Soviet codes of law.Political science 
The state of the world atlas.Political science 
Transnational enterprises.Political science 
Treaties of the People's Republic of China, 1949-1978.Political science 
United Nations decision making: 3d ed.Political science 
United States foreign relations law: vol. 1.Political science 
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