Earthwatch - Abstracts

A day in the life of a project. (reintroduction of marsupials, Western Australia)Science and technologyClement, Leah
An unwritten life.(sperm whales)Science and technologyCherrington, Mark
A park for the people.(Madagascar ecology)Science and technologyTyson, Peter
A woman's war on worms.(parasitic infestation)Science and technologyFisher, Marshall Jon
Biodiversity program.Science and technology 
Coping with paradise.(Study of stress among children in Dominica)Science and technologyBloch, Nini
Cultural diversity program.Science and technology 
Culture by the yard.(Guatamalan textiles)Science and technologyMoreno, Josephine
Earthwatch membership: you don't have to go on a project to get involved.Science and technology 
Endangered ecosystems program.Science and technology 
Finding solutions for a sustainable future. (Earthwatch Institute)Science and technology 
Global change program.Science and technology 
In harm's way.(pesticide usage)Science and technology 
Jungle artist.(indigenous employment)Science and technologyBloch, Nini
Life as a monkey.Science and technologyHall, Suzanne
Mammoth hunter.Science and technologyBloch, Nini
Mercury rising.(environmental contamination)Science and technologyBloch, Nini
Monkey man.(primate conservation)Science and technologyBloch, Nini
Oceans program.Science and technology 
Origins of our future program. (cultural heritage and archaeological projects)Science and technology 
Pan-African botanist.Science and technologyLaird, Julian
Reef roulette: coral reefs on the island of Maui take their chances amid an onslaught of environmental variables.Science and technologyBrown, Eric
Sea change.(coral diseases)Science and technologyMcGrath, Tom
Stairway to sustainability.(rice growing)Science and technologyJohansson, Philip
The falcon and the firebrand.Science and technologyCherrington, Mark
The inadvertent heroine.(Flora MacDonald)Science and technologyCherrington, Mark
The king and the dawn of England.(Alfred the Great)Science and technologyJohansson, Philip
The last of the first forests.(Interview)Science and technology 
The life and death of the technicolor caterpillar.Science and technologyThorpe, Scott
The way of the elders.(Buddhists)Science and technologyLi Wei
Virtual history 101.(digitized cultural presentation)Science and technology 
What to expect in the field. (Earthwatch expeditions)Science and technology 
Wheat futures.Science and technologyRovner, Irwin, Gyulai, Ferenc
When the sand comes.(desertification in the Gobi Desert)Science and technologyPowell, Suzanne
World health program.Science and technology 
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