Endeavour - Abstracts

A century of X-rays.(Editorial)Science and technology 
Alfred Nobel (1833-96): the man and his prizes.(Obituary)Science and technologyWilliams, Trevor I.
A Ray rekindled.(British pioneer biologist John Ray)Science and technologyFord, Brian J.
Art and illustration in the natural history sciences.Science and technologyStratton, Elizabeth
China: a long march for science and technology.(Editorial)Science and technology 
Christiaan Huygens (1629-95): astronomer and mechanician.Science and technologyChapman, Allan
Creole science: botanical surveys of Costa Rica, 1880-1940.Science and technologyMcCook, Stuart
Determining the age of the universe.Science and technologyHuchra, John P.
Edgar Anderson: interdisciplinary authority on what was not known about corn.Science and technologyKleinman, Kim
Genetics, eugenics and the medicalization of social behavior: lessons from the past.Science and technologyAllen, Garland E.
George Eliot, Charles Darwin and the labyrinth of history.Science and technologyLustig, A.J.
Images of Newton.Science and technologyFara, Patricia
Instruments in the history of astronomy.Science and technologyBennett, Jim
Is evolution a social construction?Science and technologyRuse, Michael
John Zachary Young. (biologist)(Obituary)Science and technologyTansey, E.M.
Lay understanding of mendelian genetics.Science and technologyRichards, Martin P.M.
Margaret Cavendish and patronage.(Margaret Cavendish's use of patronage rituals to establish herself as a natural philosopher)Science and technologySarasohn, Lisa T.
Ockham's razor.(the history of parsimony principle)Science and technologyRodriguez-Fernandez, Jose Luis
One hundred years of natural selection in the wild.(Statistical Data Included)Science and technologyPrice, Trevor, Yeh, Pamela
One hundred years of the electron.Science and technologyDavis, E.A.
On the role of museums in history of science, technology and medicine.Science and technologyTaub, Liba
On the uses of history. (history of science, technology and medicine)Science and technologyPickstone, John V.
Painting and the rise of volcanology: Sir William Hamilton's Campi Phlegraei.Science and technologyvon der Thusen, Joachim
Roy Chapman Andrews and the business of exploring: cetology and conservation in progressive America.Science and technologyKroll, Gary
Sir John Eccles. (neurophysiologist)(Obituary)Science and technologyCurtis, David
Sources for ancient science.Science and technologyNetz, Reviel
The greatest fossilist the world ever knew: Mary Anning (1799-1847).Science and technologyTaylor, Michael A.
The lessons of Brent Spar. (controversy over Shell's plan to dispose of its Brent Spar oil storage and loading platform in the deep sea off the Hebrides)Science and technologyRice, A.L.
The purchase of knowledge: James Edward Smith and the Linnean collections.Science and technologyWhite, Paul
The radium century.(UK's need for a research unit to identify contaminated sites)Science and technologyHarvie, David I.
The value of practicing practical history.Science and technologyMaienschein, Jane
Trevor Illtyd Williams. (chemist)(Obituary)Science and technologyMorris, Peter
Why is it so difficult to write the history of contemporary science?Science and technologyHughes, Jeff, Soderqvist, Thomas
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