Global Trade - Abstracts

Global Trade
A congressional scorecard on trade issues. (legislators rated on their level of support for open trade)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
After NAFTA: shippers examine its dollars and sense. (North American Free Trade Agreement)Business, internationalThuermer, Karen E.
Air cargo carriers. (Directory)Business, international 
Airport upgrades match growth. (boom in cargo-handling spurs upgrades) (Cover Story)Business, internationalWhite, Michael
American goods turn gray. (importation of grey goods)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
A not-so-happy hour. (international trade and the brewing industry)(includes related article) (Industry Overview)Business, international 
Anticipated FMC Action: re-regulation 1992. (Federal Maritime Commission expected to come up with new regulations)Business, internationalSerko, David, Kane, Christopher M.
Brokers & forwarders. (customhouse brokers and freight forwarders) (Directory)Business, international 
Build a better border relationship. (improvements in North American border relations and administration in anticipation of the North American Free Trade Agreement)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
Counterfeiting: also a gray issue. (counterfeiting goods)(includes related article)Business, international 
Customs brokers license: challenging adverse decisions. (Customs and Trade Law)Business, internationalSerko, David, Kane, Christopher M.
Customs Ombudsman hitting it off with traders. (Kent S. Foster improves Customs Service and importing community relationship) (Column)Business, internationalHallett, Carol B.
Demand drives strategic Suez, Panama. (improvements in both Canals provide alternative routes) (Canal Routes)Business, internationalRoss, Julie Ritzer
Do not be burned by denim acid wash. (guidelines on the exclusion of imported acid-washed denim articles)Business, internationalSerko, David
Filibuster runs customs legislation amok. (Customs Modernization Act foiled due to senators' opposition) (Customs Modernization)Business, internationalThuermer, Karen E.
Financial services. (financial services related to global trade) (Directory)Business, international 
FTZs flourish into the '90s. (foreign trade zones)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
GSP: will it live? (Generalized System of Preferences)Business, internationalSerko, David
Hazmat employees go back to school. (Department of Transportation issues final rules on Training for Safe Transportation of Hazardous Materials)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
IFC supports U.S. business ventures. (International Finance Corp.)Business, internationalDelphos, William
Is an Israeli trade bridge in your future? (usage of Israel's free trade agreement with US and European nations for export)(includes related articles) (Profile: Israel)Business, internationalRoss, Julie Ritzer
Is Cuba a market waiting in the wings? (US-Cuban trade relations)(includes related article)Business, internationalThuermer, Karen E.
It smooths out cargo's ups and downs. (Just in time inventory systems)Business, internationalJedd, Marcia
Make NAFTA work with FTZ program. (proposed North American Free Trade Agreement; Foreign Trade Zones Program)Business, internationalMiller, Marshall V.
MIGA protects investments in developing countries. (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency)Business, internationalDelphos, William A.
No backing down over duty drawback. (debates on North American Free Trade Agreement drawback proposals)(includes related articles)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
Ocean carriers. (freight transport services) (Directory)Business, international 
O&M contract financing for foreign projects. (Export-Import Bank of the United States's operations and maintenance contract financing program)Business, internationalDelphos, William A.
Opening the skies...a bit more. (European airline deregulation)Business, internationalJedd, Marcia
Ports. (port districts and authorities) (Directory)Business, international 
Put your international bank to work for you. (methods for improving banking processes for exporters)(includes related article) (Financing Workbook: Part I)Business, internationalRinkus, Michael A.
Rail services. (railroad companies) (Directory)Business, international 
Reform the harbor maintenance tax. (shipping industry asks for better tax policy) (Editorial)Business, internationalThuermer, Karen
Related services. (services related to international trade) (Directory)Business, international 
Shippers question CBI. (Caribbean Basin Initiative and international trade)(includes related article)Business, internationalRoss, Julie Ritzer
Software and computer services for import-export. (import-export companies) (Directory)Business, international 
Still a people business. (Wolf D. Barth Co.)(includes related article)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
The disarray in America's export promotion effort.Business, internationalRosenthal, Thomas M.
They're coming back, mate! (current situation of US trade with Australia and New Zealand) (Australia and New Zealand) (Cover Story)Business, internationalMcCalla, John
Time to wake up. (air cargo carriers must relate to shippers' needs)(includes related article) (Air Cargo)Business, internationalThuermer, Karen E.
Trading capital equipment for capital. (conditions in foreign capital equipment markets)Business, internationalRoss, Julie Ritzer
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