Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1995 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1995
A search for Korean uniqueness.Regional focus/area studiesPalais, James B.
Filial emotions and filial values: changing patterns in the discourse of filiality in late Choson Korea.Regional focus/area studiesHaboush, Jahyun Kim
From 'xiaoshuo' to fiction: Hu Yinglin's genre study of 'xiashuo.' (Chinese literature)Regional focus/area studiesWu, Laura Hua
Ideas behind China's modern state.Regional focus/area studiesKuhn, Philip A.
Self, sexuality, and writing in 'Honglou meng.' (classical Chinese novel)Regional focus/area studiesYee, Angelina C.
Social change, knowledge, and history: Hanazono's Amonitions to the Crown Prince.Regional focus/area studiesGoble, Andrew
State, cosmos, and body in the last three centuries B.C.Regional focus/area studiesSivin, Nathan
Waka wars: quarrels in an inner space. (Japanese poetry)Regional focus/area studiesCranston, Edwin A.
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