Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1999 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1999
Beyond the words: Jin Shengtan's perception of hidden meanings in 'Xixiang ji'.Regional focus/area studiesChurch, Sally K.
Fractured dialogues: 'mono no aware' and poetic communication in 'The Tale of Genji.'Regional focus/area studiesYoda, Tomiko
Heroic transformations: women and national trauma in early Qing literature.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Wai-Yee
Japanese perceptions of China: the Sinophilic fiction of Tanizaki Jun'ichiro.(20th-century Japanese novelist)Regional focus/area studiesSakaki, Atsuko
"Junzi Yue" versus "Zhongni Yue" in 'Zuozhuan'.(4th-century BC Chinese text)Regional focus/area studiesHenry, Eric
Politics, force and ethnicity in Ming China: Mongols and the abortive coup of 1461.Regional focus/area studiesRobinson, David M.
Song and the historical imagination in early China.Regional focus/area studiesSchaberg, David
Taiwan as a living museum: tropes of anachronism in late-imperial Chinese travel writing.Regional focus/area studiesTeng, Emma
The metropolitan uncanny in the works of Izumi Kyoka: a counter-discourse on Japan's modernization.Regional focus/area studiesKawakami, Chiyoko
The persistence of the personal in late medieval Uta.(genre of ancient Japanese poetry)Regional focus/area studiesCarter, Stephen D.
The shogun's consort: Konoe Hiroko and Tokugawa Ienobu.Regional focus/area studiesSeigle, Cecilia Segawa
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