Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2005 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2005
Aesthetics and meaning in experience: A theoretical perspective on Zhu Xi's revision of song dynasty views of poetry.Regional focus/area studiesFuller, Michael A.
Illusion and Illumination: A new poetics of seeing in Liang dynasty court literature.Regional focus/area studiesTian Xiaofei
Symbolic discourse in Eastern Han memorial art: The case of the Birchleaf Pear.Regional focus/area studiesBrashier, K.E.
The gift of a Python robe: The circulation of objects in Jin Ping Mei.Regional focus/area studiesVolpp, Sophie
The Guodian manuscripts and their place in twentieth-century historiography on the Laozi.Regional focus/area studiesShaughnessy, Edward L.
The Maitreya connection in the Tang development of Dizang worship.Regional focus/area studiesZhiru
The matriarch's private ear: Performance, reading, Censorship, and the fabrication of interiority in the Story of the Stone.Regional focus/area studiesLing Hon Lam
The writing of Imperial poetry in medieval China.Regional focus/area studiesChen, Jack W.
Thicker than blood: The social and political significance of wet nurses in Japan, 950-1330.Regional focus/area studiesConlan, Thomas D.
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