Harvard Law Review 2000 - Abstracts

Harvard Law Review 2000
Administrative law - nondelegation doctrine - D.C. Circuit holds that EPA construction of Clean Air Act violates nondelegation doctrine - American Trucking Ass'ns, Inc. v. EPA.Law 
As-applied and facial challenges and third-party standing.LawFallon, Richard H., Jr.
Can intellectual property law regulate behavior? A "modest proposal" for weakening unclean hands.Law 
Civil procedure - D.C. Circuit rejects sliding scale approach to finding personal jurisdiction based on Internet contacts -GTE New Media Services v. BellSouth Corp.Law 
Civil Rights - Title VI - Fourth Circuit holds that articulated reasons rebut challenges against discriminatory practices. - Ferguson v. City of Charleston.Law 
Constitutional law - abortion - Seventh Circuit deems Wisconsin and Illinois partial-birth abortion bans enforceable in certain circumstances. - Hope Clinic v. Ryan.Law 
Constitutional law - Commerce Clause - Fourth Circuit rules that Violence Against Women Act is an unauthorized exercise of Congressional authority - Brzonkala v. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 169 F.3d 820 (4th Cir. 1999) (en banc), cert. granted sub nom. United States v. Morrison, 120 S. Ct. 11 (1999).Law 
Constitutional law - Commerce Clause - Seventh Circuit holds that the federal government may regulate arson of residential property - United States v. Jones, 178 F.3d 479 (7th Cir. 1999), cert. granted, 68 U.S.L.W. 3321, 68 U.S.L.W. 3325 (U.S. Nov. 15, 1999) (No. 99-5739).Law 
Constitutional law - congressional standing - D.C. Circuit holds that members of Congress may not challenge the President's use of troops in Kosovo - Campbell v. Clinton.Law 
Constitutional law - due process - Minnesota Supreme Court upholds Minnesota Sexually Dangerous Persons Act. - In re Linehan.Law 
Constitutional law - First Amendment - Establishment Clause - Sixth Circuit holds that opening school board meetings with a prayer is an establishment of religion. - Coles ex rel. Coles v. Cleveland Board of Education.Law 
Constitutional law - Fourth Amendment - Seventh Circuit holds that drug interdiction roadblocks violate the Fourth Amendment - Edmond v. Goldsmith, 183 F.3d 659 (7th Cir. 1999).Law 
Constitutional law - Free Speech Clause - California Supreme court upholds injunction against harassing speech in the workplace - Aguilar v. Avis Rent a Car System.Law 
Constitutional law - procedural due process - Pennsylvania Supreme Court holds sentence-enhancement provisions of "Megan's Law" unconstitutional - Commonwealth v. Williams.Law 
Constitutional law - state sovereign immunity - Fifth Circuit holds that Eleventh Amendment bars qui tam suits against states when the Department of Justice does not intervene - United States ex rel. Fooulds v. Texas Tech University.Law 
Constitutional law - Third Circuit invalidates statute burdening ballot access on equal protection grounds - Reform Party of Allegheny County v. Allegheny County Department of Elections.Law 
Constitutional law - Treaty Clause - District Court holds that NAFTA is a valid exercise of the foreign commerce power. - Made in the USA Foundation v. United States.Law 
Criminal law - Fifth Amendment - Fourth Circuit holds that 18 U.S.C. s. 3501, not Miranda v. Arizona, governs the admissibility of confessions in federal courts - United States v. Dickerson.Law 
Cyber-race.LawKang, Jerry
Deportation, social control, and punishment: some thoughts about why hard laws make bad cases.(Symposium: United States Immigration Policy at the Millennium)LawKanstroom, Daniel
Developments in the law - the paths of civil litigation.Law 
Disputing male sovereignty: on United States v. Morrison.(The Supreme Court, 1999 Term)LawMacKinnon, Catharine A.
Empty votes in jury deliberations.LawTaylor-Thompson, Kim
Evidence - evidentiary privilege - First Circuit recognizes crime-fraud exception to psychotherapist-patient privilege. - In re Grand Jury Proceedings (Gregory P. Violette).Law 
Family law - Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upholds Probate Court's exercise of equity power in granting visitation between a child and a lesbian de facto parent. - E.N.O. v. L.L.M.Law 
Federal courts - intervention - D.C. Circuit holds that Article III standing is a prerequisite to intervention under 28 U.S.C. s. 2348. - Rio Grande Pipeline Co. v. FERC.Law 
Federal courts - proposed changes to the Ninth Circuitt and the federal courts of appeals.Law 
Federal prosecutors, state ethics regulations, and the McDade Amendment.Law 
Fifth Amendment - Double Jeopardy Clause - Second Circuit refuses to review district court's acquittal of defendants charged with violating permanent injunction. - United States v. Lynch.Law 
Foreword: the document and the doctrine.(The Supreme Court, 1999 Term)LawAmar, Akhil Reed
Gideon's promise unfulfilled: the need for litigated reform of indigent defense.Law 
Globalization, tax competition, and the fiscal crisis of the welfare state.LawAvi-Yonah, Reuven S.
Hercules, Herbert, and Amar: the trouble with intratextualism.(constitutional interpretation) (response to Akhil Reed Amar, Harvard Law Review, vol. 112, p 747, 1999)LawVermeule, Adrian, Young, Ernest A.
In memoriam: James Vorenberg.(law teacher)(contains 7 testimonials)LawClark, Robert C., Cox, Archibald, Greenberg, Jack, Heymann, Philip B., Kaufman, Andrew, Marshall, Margaret H., Meltzer, Daniel J.
In memoriam: Vern Countryman.(includes two testimonials)LawKaufman, Andrew L., Skeel, David A., Jr.
In memorium: Gary Bellow.(law teacher)(includes 4 testimonials)LawFrug, Gerald E., Hamilton, John D., Jr., Moulton, Bea, Ogletree, Charles J., Jr.
International law - human rights - European Court of Human Rights rules that British military's discharge of homosexuals is illegal.Law 
Jurisdiction and the rule of law after the 1996 Immigration Act.(Symposium: United States Immigration Policy at the Millennium)LawNeuman, Gerald L.
Law making for baby making: an interpretive approach to the determination of legal parentage.LawGarrison, Marsha
Leading cases.(US Supreme Court, 1999 Term)Law 
Name brands: the effects of intrusive HIV legislation on high-risk demographic groups.Law 
Navigating uncertainty: gatekeeping in the absence of hard science.Law 
Property law - Pennsylvania Supreme Court holds that engagement rings must be returned regardless of who broke the engagement. Lindh v. Surman.Law 
Recovering the costs of public nuisance abatement: the public and private city sue the gun industry.Law 
Rights, rules, and the structure of constitutional adjudication: a response to Professor Fallon.(response to article by Richard H. Fallon, Jr. in this issue, p. 1321)LawAdler, Matthew D.
Safety valve closed: the removal of nonviolent outlets for dissent and the onset of anti-abortion violence.Law 
Same-sex marriage - Vermont Supreme Court holds state must extend same-sex couples the same benefits as married opposite-sex couples. Baker v. State.Law 
State banking law -Connecticut Supreme Court holds that statute does not prohibit ATM surcharge fees - Burke v. Fleet National Bank.Law 
State tort reform - Ohio Supreme Court strikes down state General Assembly's tort reform inititative - State ex rel. Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers v. Sheward, 715 N.E.2d 1062 (Ohio 1999).Law 
Statutory interpretation - Second Circuit holds that health care funds lack standing to sue tobacco companies under RICO - Laborers Local 17 Health & Benefit Fund v. Philip Morris, Inc.Law 
The new separation of powers.LawAckerman, Bruce
The relationship between equality and access in law school admissions.Law 
The right to silence helps the innocent: a game-theoretic analysis of the Fifth Amendment privilege.(self-incrimination)LawSeidmann, Daniel J., Stein, Alex
The World Trade Constitution.LawMcGinnis, John O., Movsesian, Mark L.
Trial as error, jurisdiction as injury: transforming the meaning of Article III.(U.S. Constitution)LawResnik, Judith
Understanding the impact of the 1996 deportation laws and the limited scope of proposed reforms.(Symposium: United States Immigration Policy at the Millennium)LawMorawetz, Nancy
Whose children? A response to professor Guggenheim.(response to review of author's book by Martin Guggenheim in Harvard Law Review, vol. 113, p. 1716)LawBartholet, Elizabeth
Winning the war on drugs: a "second chance" for nonviolent drug offenders.Law 
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